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i’m sorry…

yesterday on a phone, my mom said that my youngest sister become hospitalized… i’m so shocked about this news.. cause it happened AGAIN to her… she is still 7 years old.. on dec 3, our family wanna celebrate her birthday… but because this incident.. we agree to deny that party until she recover from ill..

and one thing that make me sad is *tears fall*….

i can’t do anything to her… because of this far distance and my college task, i can’t leave this city…like you know.. now i’m in a dorm..seperate with my main family because of my study..

sis… saranghae…

*holding back tears*

i’m so sad when i phoned my mother today .. her sound seems so weak.. i know she is da one who can feel my sis feeling… uhhh… T.T i tell my father and said i feel so sorry cause i can’t go back home… because of my bussines on my college…

my little sis… i hope you become health… i’m as your eldest sister can’t do anything to you now.. letter i’ll go to visit you and bring many stars for your brightness… **********

sis… saranghae..


ahh.. this damn throat..

yesterday my voice can’t come out because of a bad cough *still until now* … today my hand get burned by a hot water… *chinca appo*  T-T , then i get flu…

well.. the conclution is.. i have a bad luck.. LoL


changmin was attacked by (anti)fans!

today i read my email.. and my friend on youtube send me an unexpected video… it’s tvxq.. but u know what? it’s not about they get praise for their new song-MIROTIC.. but the video is about changmin-ah… what happen with him?

when TXVQ was in airport, two girls attacked changmin!

not sure that bitch *person who hit changmin* were antifan.. arrgh!!! but i really really mad!! do not ever attack him for no reason!! if you do not like dbsk and changmin personally, then you must die and better go to hell !! it’s the best way to an anti fans of dbsk…

well… if you don’t like dbsk song, so just don’t listen it.. if you don’t like their movie, so don’t watch it!! what the point of anti fans?? *nut nut* stop bashing my dbsk!! *mad*

this is da video

credits : yuulinajoongie

his security guards come and the girl voice is the antifans attacking changmin and screaming at him in mandarin “WHY DON’T YOU AND YOU’RE FAMILY GO DIE?

many people said that two girls is a fans of jaejoongie…They  followed Jaejoong and Changmin into the men’s washroom (or toilet? not sure). Changmin told them to get out and so they followed him all the way to the airport and threw insults and also their bag at him.

Chinese Cassies try to solve this incident themselves and not want to involve korean or International cassies. well.. i don’t know what will happen if international cassies get mad… it’ll be a big riot..

changmin *hug*…  cassie will always beside ya!! that stupid jerk will go to hell *i hope*….

changmin HWAITIIING!! DBSK hwaitiing!


DBSK and Super Junior are girls??

haha.. ^^ just kidding… *lafft* they’re not really girls.. but in fact all members look so feminine here!! *i’m a girl, but they look more girly than me! LoL* love to see it!!! XDDD all of photos get edited by photoshoped… well, honestly i want our oppas realli wearing dress!! *nose bleeding*

first time i was schocked when seeing all of this pict!!


(download link)

sailor DBSK moon!!

(download link)

sailor SUJU moon!!

i find a person that no need photoshopped to be beautiful… who is he??



Hee Chul oppa!!

he’s beautiness so natural, no need photoshopped… *jealous jealous*

even he looks more cuter when his photos get edited…


(download link)

(download link)

and like my promise to someone on youtube.. i’ll uploaded Jaejoong pict on my new posting… here it is!!


(download link)


(download link)


(download link)


(download link)

ahh actually, i’ve uploaded a video that full of this pict… so you can go on my youtube 1st channel – dyazb4 and the title of the video is SUPER “DBSK” JUNIOR CHANGE CHANGE REVOLUTION…here it is da vid…

soon i’ll upload a new video of their beautiness… with more super junior and dbsk pict!just wait for session 2 and 3 ok!! ^^


The outsiders “my missing movie” finally back!!!

the slow connection network on my country make me nut… LoL  *sigh* it takes a looong time to open my wordpress account… especially when i’m going to upload a new video on my youtube channel… it takes at least 4 hours to upload 20 Mb size of video!!  waste many time! cause that usually i slept in front of my notebook when waiting it… lol

finally, yesterday i found a video that i’ve searched for 6 years!! ahh thanks god!! really happy when i know i found it… ^^ buh i’m a bit upset cause i can’t watch the whole series.. besides the damn connection network…=c

the movie title is “the outsiders”!! it’s taiwan version…. the main point of story is telling about 3 guys who become a gangster there… it contain fight, comedy, love, friendship, and many more!! you will love it after ya watch da video. Believe me…

i love A Hao!! i think he’s da cool main character… *melting* only see his face then da effect makes me smile everday.. 😀 idk why he even cuter and HANDSOME!!

this video remembering me when i was 12 years old.. i realli love to watch this film! i also have their cassete… it full of da soundtrack which used on this movie… i hear it everday!! XD

it’s a bit hard to find the whole series with english subbed… i’ve searched on crunchyroll buh i can’t find it… *tears fall* .




my mid-exam have ended!!! yaay.. XD ahh… i realli wanna go to visit all of my friends on youtube… i miss ya soo much!!! there’s still a bit network connection here to online, but youtube site get blocked by the administrator on my college… damn! go to my friends house become the only alternative to get a network connection… hikz! cause the place where i lived is far from modernism.. it’s more like a village! near my dorm there’s still a farm. I become on Harvest Moon story soon.. LoL but i realli love the air.. it’s so fresh!

eii eii… yesterday my friends send me an email and tell me that Wrong Number [MV] by TVXQ has outed! weeaw… i must watch it!! (sorry i can’t ive you a link now, you can search it on youtube))


I’m going crazy on youtube… LoL

well… my favourite site is youtube.. i have one account there on dyazb4… i can meet many friends who love korean boyband especially super junior, dbsk, shinee, etc. on utube i love to share all things about movie… whuu.. i can watch suju  dorkiness, luvely dbsk, and bla bla blah… *hard to say* 😀

buh why now i’m going CRAZY on youtube?? first, my video get blocked by youtube!!it says i’ve copied a half part of Avex Entertainment Inc… WTF? i just upload Mirotic MV! i always remember the date when i got rejected! it was Oct 7,2008! cause this insident, i made one video that contain my feeling… *huhu i cried on my heart* T_T

here it is da video…

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then utube have rejected again my video.. hooh… still half crazy here.. XO but then i can’t change my background, update my profile, edit my video… hello… who’s going insane here? youtube or me? or both? Xb let’s LoL together… LoL

from now i’m scared to upload a new vid… since i’m afraid to get suspended… *no!!!* for this situation.. i’ve prepare one alternative by made a 2nd account… it’s on APTX4869com… *invite me on ur youtube account!!* =D


Mirotic version C coming soon!!

after succesed with their new 4th album “MIROTIC”, now dongbangshinki will be realesed “MIROTIC” version C !! it was in the same album buh they put a new song in it… there’s 16 song which include 4 new songs!! weeaw… o.0  the album will be released on this November.i’m not sure about the day is…

this is da cover of version C


ok! let’s check what’s new on their MIROTIC version C and here it is da list of their new songs:

2. Dont Cry My Lover – Arranged by Jaejoong (music and lyrics)
6. Wish
10. Love Bye Love composed- Arranged by Micky Yoochun (music and lyric)
14. Dont Say Goodbye

Yoochun oppa and Jaejoong oppa will take a part to arranged a new songs for their group… i can’t waiting what will they give to us as a fan of dongbangshinki!!! aww.. it must be great… ^^

sorry i can’t give ya a video recomendation.. since it still not release yet.. 
btw i heard that they will make a version D too!! aaahh.. i think i didn’t even know they have version A and B until i write this post.. LoL

Q: What is da different between version A , version B, and version C??

A: Version A has 12 songs plus a 60-page photobook. Version B has 10 songs plus a DVD which includes member interviews, they talking about Mirotic, and their A-nation Performance in Japan. And the Version C has 16 songs with 4 new songs plus a poster.

Q: where we can buy the new MIROTIC version C?

A: you can go to this link 

Yesasia rea-version-c/1012987692-0-0-0-en/info.html

DVD Heaven

 buh this album make us a bit suffer with our credit card condition.. Image why? cause if we’re going to colect the whole album of dongbangshinki, we must take out our money to buy it… 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and now plus their new version,it’s not a cheap price. i think, seems like SM Entertainment going to milking our money slowly…Image  why they didn’t put dongbangshinki’s new songs in just one cd? or they can make the song on new version become their 5th album…

btw.. i can’t waiting for their new song!!! Image


MIROTIC – TVXQ ; lovable song

I love to hear Korean music.

And  topic for this time is….. dung dung dung [drumroll]

            DONGBANGSHINKI!!! ^^

Dongbangshinki which usually called DBSK /Tohosinki/TVXQ is one of my favourite korean  boyband. Their song always make a new sensation!! No doubt if they have many fans and called Cassiopea. Cassiopea, who always support our oppa in DBSK. Cassi hwaitiing! TVXQ hwaitiing! =3


they’re so hawt!!


From this 4th album, i recommended  you to hear MIROTIC first. This hits  was take my heart out!! Then you can try to hear “wrong-number”, “(Are you A Good girl)” The sounds is more techno. Make us wanna dance!! then u can hear a whole of album.. haha.. ^^

This is da official video to promote their new album.


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 And this is da full video….


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It’s cool , isn’t it?

 But i’m a bit sad when know their song is da same as Sarah Connor have. The differrence is Dongbangshinki use Korean version and Sarah Connor use English version. Beside it, it was da same.

i’ve upload this video on my youtube account and from here you can hear their both song as well as usual. I cut several parts on both version and try to combine their voice, and unexpected many people was interest to disscus it.


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What do you think?

 Many fans agree that DBSK never plagiasm Sarah Connor song or the opposite. Cause DBSK buy “MIROTIC” in a legal way. there’s no reason to judge DBSK as a plagiator or whatever  thing. So stop bashing each other!!

For me as a fan… i love both version…


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