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super junior couple gallery

in this new year.. i feel like wanna upload some romantizm on super junior haha.. ^^ here it is super junior couple gallery


kangteuk couplekangteuk

hyukhae eunhae



















personally i love kangteuk… how bout ya?? ^^

or do you have anyothers couple??


a millionaire’s first love.. so touching movie..

a moment ago… i watched a sad movie… i think all of korean fans will know it.. it’s “a millionaire’s first love”…

when i was senior high school student, my friend turn on a music player and there’s  a beautiful song that make me interest whose da singer.. she told me that it was “insa”, a song that ever sang by jaejoong from DBSK.. honestly, that was my first time to interest all about korea esp DBSK*thanx 2 my friend!*… yeaa… i think it cause jaejoong voice… then my friends tell me that the song is on a korean movie,my friend said that she and her friends going to have plead of tears when watched that film!! so i think like “it’s only an ordinary movie!why many person cried alot??”

 but now after i watched this… i lost my sense!!! i cried a ton..*tissue please* oh.. every scene is so touching, made me wanna cry if i remember it… now i know the reason why my friend tell me that she cried when watch it…

a millionaire's first love

synopsis: (source from wikipedia)

Kang Jae-kyung is a typical spoiled rich kid; he’s arrogant, drives sporty cars, attends the big clubs, and rides through school corridors on his motorcycle. As his 18th birthday approaches, he’s set to inherit his grandfather’s fortune, a five star hotel. However, Jae-kyung must earn his fortune. His grandfather lays down an ultimatum; Jae-kyung is required to transfer to a new school in Gangwondo and graduate. Until then all access to his penthouse, cottage and credit cards are denied. Should he fail to graduate or drop out then he loses everything. With little choice he heads out to the countryside and a small town in which daily life is far removed from what he’s used to.

Shortly after settling into his new home he meets 19 year-old Choi Eun-whan, who just happened to run into him back in Seoul. They don’t exactly hit it off; he’s far too stubborn and cool for school, while she sees hope for him and sets out to make him see it for himself. As they eventually draw closer, thanks to a set of coincidences and school projects they learn more about one another, but soon a shattering revelation will change these people forever.


RR Baekmanjangja-ui cheot-sarang
Directed by Kim Tae-gyun
Produced by Lee Joo-Ick
Written by Kim Tae-gyun
Starring Hyun Bin
Lee Yeon-hee
Music by Kim Tae-sung
Cinematography Choi Chan-min
Editing by Ko Im-Pyo
Distributed by Lotte Entertainment
Release date(s) 9 February 2006
Running time 116 min.
Country South Korea
Language Korean

this is a part of da movie..ep 1 with eng subs.. i get it on youtube..

credit: kpopsaranghae

i can’t find insa MV.. then i give you  a video from my account.. if you wanna hear a whole song.. watch da movie and you’ll find it..

credit: APTX4869com

i warn you.. you must watch this movie!!!


i found a new excited site! ^^ Gaia Online.. check it out and be my friend!

yesterday i was bored… so bored make me tired.. XD then i surf on internet  i found one exciting site!! It’s GAIA ONLINE ! we can have own avatar… and play some games.. check it out and find alot of fun! ^^

if there’s somebody who’s already has an account there… please add me as your friend.. =D i’ll really pleasure…


TVXQ 2009 calendar

A new year present from dongbangshinki… TVXQ 2009 calendar…


hey! love to see oppas smile!!


Jaejoong pose so funny!! haha.. XD


nice to see DBSK always together… =)


Junsu’s angel pose is come!!! watch out!!

yoochun what are you doing??wanna kiss me?? XD

don’t ask me where you can buy  it.. if know, i’ll buy it first before ya!!

this picture isn’t mine.. credit to aznbeauty007.. thanx for sharing great picts!!


shinee album listing

sorry for this late posting!!i’m so busy with my school task that made me can’t sign in on wordpress and youtube(since both is my fav site… LoL) … but in this christmas, special i’m here for ya all!! Merry Christmas everybody…. This is da great present.. SHINee!!

Onew (온유 or 温流) (Leader)

  • Birth name: Lee Jinki (이진기)
  • Birth date: December 14, 1989 (1989-12-14) (age 19)
  • Notes: Onew is the leader of SHINee.
Jonghyun (종현 or 鐘鉉) (Bling Bling)

  • Birth name: Kim Jonghyun (김종현)
  • Birth date: April 8, 1990 (1990-04-08) (age 18)
Key (키) (The Almighty Key)

  • Birth name: Kim Kibum (김기범)
  • Birth date: September 23, 1991 (1991-09-23) (age 17)
Minho (민호 or 珉豪) (Flaming Charisma)

  • Birth name: Choi Minho(최민호)
  • Birth date: December 9, 1991 (1991-12-09) (age 17)
Taemin (태민 or 泰民) (The Youngest)

  • Birth name: Lee Taemin (이태민)
  • Birth date: July 18, 1993 (1993-07-18) (age 15)

aww!!they are so young… 0.0 i can be their noona!

onew shineejonghyun shineealmighty key shineeminho shineetaemin shinee

Track Listing for Version A & B

1. “The Shinee World (Doo-Bop)”
2. “사랑의 길 (Love’s Way)”

3. “산소 같은 너 (Love Like Oxygen)”
4. “너 아니면 안되는 걸 (ROMANTIC)”
5. “그녀가 헤어졌다 (One For Me)”
6. “화장을 하고 (Graze)”
7. “마지막 선물 (Last Gift) [In My Room Prelude]”
8. “내 곁에만 있어 (Best Place)”
9. “혜야 (Y Si Fuera Ella)” (featuring Jonghyun)

10. “눈을 감아보면 (Four Seasons)”
11. “In My Room [Unplugged Mix]”
12. “누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay)”

Track Listing AMIGO – Volume 1 (Repackaged)
1. “아.미.고 (Amigo)”
2. “Forever Or Never”
3. “산소 같은 너 (Love Like Oxygen)”
4. “사.계.한 (Love should go on)”
5. “누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay)”
6. “너 아니면 안되는 걸 (ROMANTIC)”
7. “사랑의 길 (Love’s Way)”
8. “그녀가 헤어졌다 (One For Me)”

9. “화장을 하고 (Graze)”
10. “마지막 선물 (In My Room) (Prelude)”
11. “내 곁에만 있어 (Best Place)”
12. “혜야 (Y Si Fuera Ella)” (featuring Jonghyun)
13. “눈을 감아보면 (Four Seasons)”
14. “In My Room [Unplugged Mix]”
15. “The Shinee World (Doo-Bop)”


(Cover of The SHINee World version A)


(Cover The SHINee World version B)

shinee_album_amigo ( Cover Amigo)


my damn presentation is tomm…

this week will be my important week… cause i’ll go to war..*just kidding =b *.. well tomm i have presentation infront of laboratory assist… god damn!! hope i aint get nervous…  hoooh…


Dating on Earth.. when it will be released??

mmm… this time i’m going crazy to find dbsk video on youtube… i’ve watched the king’s man parody *really makes me laugh hard*, dbsk theatre, dbsk banjun drama and many more… but i still can’t found dbsk movie that i’ve waited for a long time.. perhaps all of you know da title.. “Dating on Earth”

Yes.. it’s not released yet.. but i think it will get a big attention from fans!! the story tells about Yoochun who has married with his teacher, Suh Hyunjin[member of M.I.L.K] .  And his wife become his homeroom teacher. Jaejoong will take a part of this movie *well of course!!* as Yoochun’s friend. he’ll act as  a transfered student who always making some trouble *on the other word – trouble maker student*. til one time he has a feeling to Yoochun’s wife! Aaah…It will be a triangle love story..

How about another dbsk member?? well.. they still participate on this movie, but play minor role..

dbsk member cast:

  • Park Yoochun : a high school student who marry his teacher
  • Jaejoong : a trouble maker student who’s lost his parents and live alone
  • Junsu : Yoochuni’s friend
  • Changmin : a rich student. 2nd generation son of a big company
  • Yunho : charming and smart school president

this drama was filming in 2007, but since now there’s no one who knows why this “interesting” drama not released yet..

unexpected fact..on that drama, there’s a scene where Yoochun kiss his wife *kiss! oh gosh!* … when it released, i think DBSK fans especially Yoochun fans will cry alot!! *of course me too.. huhu… T_T*

ahh wodpress suck.. i can’t upload any pict!! so i’ll end this posting here… *hope this drama get released soon* dbsk hwaitiing!!


SHINee little appearence before debuted!

aaah…this week is so full for finishing school task… i don’t have anytime  to visit my youtube account or friendster or this blog. But finally this day i’ve already done with it.. so i can come back again.. yeey!!

for this time,, i wanna discuss about SHINee. First time i don’t really care about them. til my friend on youtube sent me her recommendation video, and it was my first time fallin’ love to SHINee! They stole my heart!!!

but do u know?? some members of the band had made small appearances without alerting the media! Jonghyun, for instance, lent his voice in a duet with Zhang Liyin, “Wrongly Given Love” (交错的爱), which was recorded in Zhang Liyin’s first Chinese Album. Minho appeared in Ha Sangbaek’s fashion show in March 2008. Key appeared as an extra in Super Junior’s official movie,Attack on the Pin Up Boys. Near the end of the movie, during the song ‘Wonderboy’, he appeared in a school uniform, dancing. BUt even i repeat my Wonderboy vid, i still can’ t find him… haha.. ^^


awards that dbsk ever get…

Years     Awards

* SBS Gayo Awards (March 28): Popular Song First Debut (Hug)
* Mnet KM Music Video Festival (December): Best Music Video Award for New Group (Hug)
* KBS Popular Music Award: Best New Artist
* MBC Top 10 Music Festival: Best New Artist
* Go News Netizen YunAae Daesang: Best Group Award
* Go News Netizen YunAae Daesang: Music Video Award
* Go News Netizen YunAae Daesang: CF Model Award
* Go News Netizen YunAae Daesang: Asia Star Award


* Mnet KM Music Video Festival: Best Music Video (Rising Sun)
* Mnet KM Music Video Festival: People’s Choice Award
* Mnet KM Music Video Festival: Artist of the Year


* Korean Chinese Custom Ceremony: China-Ten Most Popular Music Group
* Korean Chinese Custom Ceremony: China-Ten Most Popular Song
* Korean Chinese Custom Ceremony: China-Most Popular Advertisement Model
* Korean Chinese Custom Ceremony: China-Ideal Man Category
* Channel[V] Thailand Music Video Awards: Best Music Video (Rising Sun)
* Channel[V] Thailand Music Video Awards: Best Asian Artist
* Virgin Hitz Awards (October 28): Popular Vote Asia Artist
* Mnet KM Music Festival (November 25): Best Group [17]
* Mnet KM Music Festival (November 25): Artist of the Year
* Mnet KM Music Festival (November 25):
* Mnet KM Music Festival (November 25): Mnet Plus Mobile People’s Choice Award
* MTV 16th Music Seoul Festival (December 1): Daesang [57]
* MTV 16th Music Seoul Festival (December 1): Bonsang
* MTV 16th Music Seoul Festival (December 1): Mobile Popular Vote
* 21st Golden Disk Awards (December 14): Daesang [58]
* 21st Golden Disk Awards (December 14): Bonsang
* SBS Gayo Awards (December 29): Daesang
* SBS Gayo Awards (December 29): Bonsang


* SEED Awards, Thailand (January 31): Best Asian Singer Award
* MTV Video Music Awards Japan (May 26): Best Buzz Asia in Korea
* 14th Annual Korea Entertainment Masterpiece Award Ceremony (October 6): International Popularity Award
* Best Hits 2007 Japan (November 26): Gold Artist Award
* MTV Korea: President of the Republic of Korean Music


* MTV Video Music Awards Japan: Best Collaboration Video Award (LAST ANGEL by Koda Kumi feat. TVXQ)
* Asia Song Festival 2008 (October 4): Asia’s Top Singer Award [59].
* Mnet KM Countdown (October 09) : (Number 1) Song (Mirotic)[60].
* Mnet KM countdown (October 23) : (Number 1) Song (Mirotic)
* Mnet KM countdown (October 30) : (Number 1) Song (Mirotic)
* SBS Inkigayo Awards (October 12) : Mutizen Award
* SBS Inkigayo Awards (October 19) : Mutizen Award
* SBS Inkigayo Awards (October 26) : Mutizen Award
* Music Bank (November 7) : (Number 1) Song (Mirotic)
* 15th Korea Entertainment Awards (November 13) : Most Popular Artist Award
* Mnet KM Music Festival (November 15): Daesang: Album Of The Year (The 4th Album “MIROTIC”)
* Mnet KM Music Festival (November 15): Auction Best Style Award
* Mnet KM Music Festival (November 15): Mobile Popularity Award
* Mnet KM Music Festival (November 15): Auction Netizen’s Choice Award
* Mnet KM Music Festival (November 15): Overseas Viewer Award
* Best Hits 2008 Japan (November 27): Gold Artist Award

such a great boyband group ever!!!


sense behind tvxq’s members name

oh… it’s about i didn’t online for a while and now my wordpress appreance changed!woow…good job wordpress!!

ok…today i just wanna discuss about dbsk! when we watch dbsk show, sometimes we call our oppa like, “micky oppa” or  “max!!”… you always screamin their name.. but… don’t you want to know why they take that name? why junsu chose “Xiah” to be his stage name?? what da meaning of Changmin name? Let’s find out the answer!!

xiah junsu

Kim Junsu debuted as Xiah Junsu (Xiah is pronounced Shee-ah in Korean). Xiah is the stage name that Kim himself chose, explaining to his fans that the name was short for “Asia”, as Asia is pronounced “ah-shee-ah” in Korean. “Xiah” would be an implication of his desire to become not only a star in Korea, but also a star recognized all throughout the continent.And i think his dream become true…cause now he is an international idol star!!

yunho u-knowJung Yunho debuted as U-know Yunho. His chose his stage name as “U-know” from his Korean name “Yun Ho”; U-Know is pronounced “You know” in English. However, it is meant to mean “Yunho ‘Knows You'” in regard to his understanding of the other members as the leader. He is a great leader for his group. He always take care all of them. Yunho U-Know hwaitiing!


Kim Jaejoong debuted as Youngwoong Jaejoong.Jaejoong’s stage name is Hero. Who’s pick this name ? Aperson who pick this name is his manager. ..He didnt choose it by hiself. His manager picked the name Hero for him because he wanted him to be the hero of the music was a meaningful of name… well jaejoong.. now i think u  have became the hero!

max changmin

Shim Changmin joined the group under the name Choikang Changmin. Choikang in Korean means “Most Powerful”, or approximately, “the best”; “Max” became an international rendition of this name. Of course Max also has the same meaning like “Most Powerful”.

micky yoochun

Park Yoochun take ‘Micky’ become his stage name. Micky was Park’s English nickname when he lived in Virginia. As the winner of a talent show, he was granted the opportunity to sign with SM Entertainment in Korea. He now performs under the stage name Micky Yoochun.

source: wikipedia


super junior and dbsk smile photo gallery

in this post, i just wanna share my photo album to ya… ^^ here it is dbsk and super junior happiness.. and pay attention for their smile!!


suju party-time

junsu and changmin…

junsu and changmin smile

DBSK OPPAS… Keep smile and hwaitiing!

dbsk cute smile

super junior happiness!! saranghae oppas!!!

superjunior7smile haengbok

oppas so cute!!!

yoochun smilejunsu cute smileth_happy_0001yunho smilechangmin smile

ooh.. don’t you melting after see that pict?? ^^ well.. they keep their smile for us… hope we always keep our smile and support for them too…



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