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It’s Time For Jay To Look Up At The Sky

Skybanner For Jaebeom From Hottests

Earlier on allkpop, we notified our readers that a skybanner in honor of 2PM’s ex-leader Jaebeom would be flying around Seattle. Now we’re here to update you all that the project turned out great!

Today many Hottests and passerbys in the Seattle area were able to see a skybanner reading “J. What time is it now?” flying around in the air. Although it’s a simple question, it has a deep meaning to it for the many hottests who are longing for Jaebeom to return to 2PM. I’m sure Jaebeom was happy to see that his fans supported him enough to reach such a limit.

Skybanner For Jaebeom From Hottests
Skybanner For Jaebeom From Hottests

credit: allkpop


oh,, it’s so touching,, Hottest really trying their best to make Jay bck to 2PM,, where are you Jay? don’t you see that we always thinking and loveing you??


Yunho And Ara Wishes Everyone A Happy Chuseok

Yunho And Ara Wishes Everyone A Happy Chuseok

‘Heading To The Ground’ leads Jung Yunho of DBSK/TVXQ and Go Ara fancied themselves up into traditional Korean apparel and wished everyone a happy Chuseok, a major three-day harvest festival and holiday celebrated in the autumn every eighth months of the lunar calendar by Koreans in Korea and the world.

Chuseok is a very well-respected time of the year in Korea so Yunho and Ara paid their respects to their fans with formal bows in their pictures. Yunho wished, “that everyone could happily celebrate Chuseok with their families.” He also added, “Through the drama I’m portraying a new image so please love ‘Heading To The Ground’ as much the actors and staff are working on the drama.

Ara also said, “Make a wish as you watch the full moon, eat lots of delicious food and enjoy your holiday. I will be busy this Chuseok because of the drama filming but I am working hard for the viewers so please love ‘Heading To The Ground’.

Check out the two stars looking great in their hanboks!

Yunho And Ara Wishes Everyone A Happy Chuseok

Yunho And Ara Wishes Everyone A Happy Chuseok

Yunho And Ara Wishes Everyone A Happy Chuseok

credit: allkpop


[PICT] Jun-bro duet in Supermodel Contest!!

coolsmurf in Events | 25 Sep 2009 – 09:30 AM

Junho and Junsu

After many topsy turvy turns over the past few days, only two 2PM members, Junho and Junsu took to the stage at the recently concluded Super Model 2009 Contest.

2PM’s performance had been scheduled way before the Jaebeom incident, and thus it was something that JYP Entertainment could not turn down. In the past few days, it was first motioned that the 6 members of 2PM will take to the stage on 25th September, for their first performance since the Incheon Korean Wave Festival on the 5th.

SBS then announced that the performance will go on, but because of fear of reprisals from netizens, they did not record 2PM’s performance nor show it through the live broadcast. It was then reported that only two members of 2PM will take to the stage, one of them being Nichkhun and the other still to be decided. That later became void, as it was revealed that it was to be just Junho and Junsu.

Things continue to be uncertain with rumors that the 6 members of 2PM had refused to take to the stage. It was only earlier today on the 25th that Junho and Junho were confirmed to be performing, such was the uncertainty hanging over 2PM.

Junho and Junsu did a duet of Only You. After their performance, Junsu told the crowd that they were sorry that 2PM could not perform as a group and promised to do so next time. Even though it has been a difficult period, they still performed to keep their promise and hope that it would be looked upon in a good light.

Junho and Junsu

Junho and Junsu

Junho and Junsu

Junho and Junsu

It’s uncertain when we will see 2PM back on stage performing again after tonight.

credit: allkpop


hope the unaired version can be broadcasted,, LoL i wanna waych this Jun-bro performance


G-Dragon Dominates K-Chart on Music Bank Again

G-Dragon once again takes home the gold on Music Bank‘s K-Chart, proving that criticisms and warning letters are not enough to slow him down.

Even though he did not perform due to another performance on the night elsewhere, he was still able to rack up enough points to rise above the competition which included Park Hyo Shin and Kim Tae Woo.

This was his 5th consecutive K-Chart win.

G-Dragon is seemingly unstoppable, winning one music show after another, and now with his Breathe music video recently released, it looks like he’ll be reigning over the music scene for just a quite bit longer.

credit: allkpop


congratz oppa!!! XD i’ll always support ya!!


SBS didn’t record 2PM Jun-brothers’ performance in Supermodel Contest


The 2009 Super Model Contest just recently aired on SBS, and it was a star studded show. Viewers were wowed with performances from big name stars such as SNSD, 2NE1, G-Dragon and Baek Ji Young.

Unfortunately it was a grim night for 2PM fans because although Junho and Junsu did perform, SBS has decided not to record their performances for broadcast. Even so, there were still plenty of stars left to brighten the dark sky.

credit: allkpop


huhu,, why SBS didn’t broadcast Jun-brothers performance?? i want to watch it!! But i know it for sure, cause of Jay’s controvercy 2PM still can’t perform,, for me, it’s better 7 members than only 6,,


2PM in 2009 Supermodel Contest


We reported earlier that 2PM is gearing up for a return on stage without Jaebeom at the 2009 Supermodel Contest on 25th September. But it will only be just two members of 2PM taking to the stage.

With the uncertainty surrounding 2PM in the aftermath of Jaebeom’s departure, the event organizers have once again stated on the 23rd that 2PM is still among the list of scheduled performers, with no planned changes. But it will not be a 2PM stage with the present six members. Instead, it will be a performance by just two 2PM members singing a ballad, one of which is confirmed to be Nichkhun while the other is still being discussed.

Since their last performance at the Incheon Korean Wave Music Festival on 5th September, the 2PM boys have not been seen on stage together since, as they were withdrawn from all activities. This performance at the 2009 Supermodel Contest will be 2PM’s first performance on stage since their last 25 days ago.

The 2009 Supermodel Contest will be broadcasted live through SBS and their website but organizers have stated that, with tensions still running high now, the possibility of 2PM’s performance not being shown in the live broadcast is high. 2PM’s performance had been scheduled way before the Jaebeom incident erupted into a fireball.

Besides 2PM, there will also be performances by SNSD, G-Dragon, 2NE1, Baek Ji Young, Park Hyun Bin and Wink.

credit: allkpop


Wooyoung Cyworld Update – Frustating cause of Hottest??

Wooyoung is Frustrated with Hottests?

After a message which has split fans on whether it was Jaebeom writing it, the divide between Hottests continues to widen after 2PM’s Wooyoung revealed that he was pretty frustrated with all that has happened thus far.

Although there was doubt about Jaebeom’s message authenticity yesterday, Wooyoung’s Cyworld message looks to be real. But having come so soon after yesterday, some fans are doubting whether Wooyoung is speaking from his heart or just following JYPE orders.

Wooyoung’s message

It’s so frustrating
Why do fans not understand our feelings

Jaebeom’s feelings
Jin Young hyung’s feelings
and our feelings…

I am so frustrated that I might go crazy

What should Hottests do now?

credit: allkpop


still!! i can’t believe this news! why? cause there are some suspicious thing that happened,, check out what is it!

  • JYP looks angry after go out from company
  • There are many sponsor cars ( perhaps that day JYP held a meeting with them?)
  • Before JPY enterance,Wooyoung firstly enter the company ALONE without the rest members
  • Wooyoung and other members going into the company building to have lunch not in their dorm just before he wrote the message on his cyworld,
  • The fact that wooyoung left a cy entry at an afternoon is suspicious, it was posted on 3:59 pm Korean time. He usually update his CY during midnight,,

so which one you’ll believe??

I’m the one who’ll be the most frustating if JYP and 2PM treat us like this,, as Hottest, I just want to see Jay’s propose about what trully happened inside JYPE,,


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