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[INFO] Steps On How To Vote For Mnet MAMA 09


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[INFO] How to Register at MNET + Voting for M! Countdown

Registering at Mnet

1. Go to [Now follow the steps below]


Vote for M! Countdown

Go to , then follow these steps





You can vote once a day!

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A Hidden Message from Taecyeon to Jaebeom. . . “I Need You”?

With all of the controversies that have arisen in the past few months, it’s become clear that netizens are a group of people unrivaled by others – from their prowess in stalking research to the critical influence of netizens en masse, I think many can agree that netizens are truly their own kind. On October 23, 2PM‘s Taecyeon updated his CyWorld asking commenters to keep their language clean, but eagle-eyed netizens have deciphered a… hidden message?

Taecyeon message

On first glance, this message may look innocent enough; translated to English, Taecyeon’s message roughly reads as, “My mother comes in and out of my CyWorld…there’s no need to curse on here is there?

So what’s so weird about this note? As Korean readers may notice, Taecyeon’s syntax choice (the order of the words) is awkward (“CY that even my mother comes in and out“), which caused KHottests to take a closer look at this message, and they found something puzzling…

나는 제이 필요. I need Jay.

As some KHottests argue, if Taecyeon simply wanted to leave a warning about language censorship, he wouldn’t have written the sentence in such a strange & grammatically-awkward manner, and would’ve opted for something along the lines of, “우리 어머니도 싸이 보시는데. 욕은 삼가해주세요 (My mother checks my CyWorld, please refrain from cussing)“, which is far more direct.

What a cryptic mystery… so what do you think, are netizens making a mountain out of a molehill or are they up to something?

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Jaebum will back to Korea??

Just yesterday, Mnet revealed that the replacement of the beloved MKMF Awards would be a whole new event titled Mnet Asian Music Awards, or MAMA for short. This social event present a new & modern approach to nominations and awards.

And it looks like things are about to get even more interesting, because there are talks that Park Jaebeom just might attend!

A MAMA producer met with a Newsen reporter and discussed his intentions of having Jaebeom perform on stage at the 2009 MAMA.

Nothing has been confirmed yet & it is unclear what a performance would exactly entail, but the production team has discussed the idea of having Jaebeom perform with 2PM, and revealed plans to contact JYP Entertainment regarding this personal invitation.

2PM’s popularity has grown immensely since its debut last year, and is up for the hefty awards “Best Male Group” and “Best Dance Music”. After their activities with Again & Again, which included leader Jaebeom, 2PM has risen the ranks to become one of 2009’s most popular idols. With such important nominations, it’s doubtful that 2PM would choose not to attend, but fans have been questioning whether we’d see six or seven members present. “If 2PM receives an award [at MAMA 2009], it only makes sense that Jaebeom should stand on stage to receive this award as well.

The producer stated, “I will do everything in my power to try and have Jaebeom perform at the MAMA 2009.

MAMA 2009 will take place on November 21 at 7PM at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium, and will air live throughout China, Japan, Hong Kong and the rest of Southeast Asia on Channel V.

I’m sure many fans will be overjoyed, but at the same time, some readers have expressed joy that 6-member 2PM has finally moved on; even if this turns out to be a single performance, any return of the 2PM‘s “Leadja” would undoubtedly complicate things… especially with that new album coming next month. But for now, everyone is holding their breath and waiting for what’s next. Stay tuned as allkpop follows the future developments of this story! Also make sure to visit the 2ONEDAY Forums.

Source: Newsen

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Jaebeom’s Life To Be Revealed On Air?

Jaebeom’s Life To Be Revealed On Air? Former 2PM leader Jay Park (Jaebeom) will be featured on a new upcoming KBS2 show called “Into Sunday Night”, hosted by funnyman MC Nam Hee Suk. The director of the show revealed, “It’s been over a month since the shunned idol star ran and left, and we are going to show his current life in Seattle after meeting with him.” They wish to reveal how the fallen star feels and what he is thinking since the scandal broke loose. The director also said that, “We requested a face-to-face meet with him to interview him but he said that ‘At the moment I can’t say anything’ and preserved his words.” However it has been said that Jaebeom was spotted at a b-boy competition with his friends and conversing with them. Does this mean that Jaebeom has slipped back into his normal lifestyle? We’ll find out when the program first airs on the 25th.


2PM to Reveal New Album in November

Although it’s been a month since Jaebeom traded 2PM for Seattle, the fan feud has only heated up between supporters of 6-member 2PM and advocates for a seven-member 2PM. However, despite Korean & international Hottests’ protests, JYP Entertainment is officially ready to move on. A representative from the agency has confirmed that 2PM will release a new album mid-November. The album was originally planned for an October release; however, with Jaebeom’s sudden withdrawal, JYPE was forced to push the date back. Furthermore, JYPE has been faced with significant pressure from boycotters, fans and public opinion alike. Many Hottests have threatened to boycott any six-member 2PM products, and are expected to follow through with their words. It looks like JYPE & Jaebeom are finally on the move again; as we reported earlier, Jaebeom will reveal his state after the September scandal on the new KBS 2TV show Into Sunday Night on October 25.

Source: Nate

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2AM will become F4!

2AM F4

After the cancellation of MBC Sunday Sunday Night’sOppa Band” and “Nodaji,” a new program will launched as a temporary replacement. The new corner is called, “Sunday Night Drama Parody Theater.” The first guests will be 2AM and they will parody Boys Over Flowers. It looks like Jo Kwon will really take over MBC Sunday nights with this and We Got Married.

The representatives of the show said, “Jo Kwon won’t be an F4 member but he will have more lines than the others.”

Along with the kick off of the segment with Boys Over Flowers, will be “Queen Seon Duk,” featuring Lee Hwi Jae, Kim Nam Gil, and Lee Sung Jub. The corner will also parody hit dramas such as “Temptation of Wife,” “Shining Inheritance,” and “Queen of Housewives.”

The real question is, who will play Goo Joon Pyo?

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2PM on Infinity Challenge Rice Farming special preview

2PM on Infinity Challenge Preview

After seeing 2PM appearing in the preview for this week’s Infinity Challenge, fans were looking forward to seeing all seven members on screen.

But that wait will be prolonged by one week as smart editing meant that 2PM will only appear next week instead, on 24th October although there was an extended preview of them at the end of this week’s episode. 2PM had joined the Infinity Challenge members for a Rice Farming project which had been filmed since last March and had lasted for about seven months. In the aftermath of the Jaebeom incident, the PD Kim Taeho had maintained that Jaebeom’s part will not be edited in any way

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still,, without Jaebum,, hikz!! T.T


2PM Taecyon sends message to BEAST

2PM Taecyeon sends a message to BEAST

Earlier today we reported that 2PM member Junho sent a video message to BEAST/B2ST leader Doo Joon, wishing him luck on his debut stage.Well, it seems like fellow 2PM member Taecyeon also joined in on the fun by lending his support via his minihompy.

On Taecyeon’s minihompy, he posted a photo of BEAST and under the photo he put: “Hot Blood brother Doo Joon fighting!” showing support for the fellow Hot Blood competitor.

2PM Taecyeon sends a message to BEAST
cr: ohhoodooshi@2ONEDAY

For those not in the know, Doo Joon was previously a part of the Mnet documentary, Hot Blood. This is where he competed for a spot in One Day, the 11 member group from JYP Entertainment that eventually became popular acts 2PM and 2AM. Though Doo Joon was eliminated, through this competition he became good friends with members of both 2PM and 2AM. It’s good to see the encouragement for this new group debuting, a lot of love going around.


2PM Junho Sends a Message to BEAST


Junho of 2PM recently sent a video message to BEAST/B2ST leader Doo Joon wishing him luck on his debut stage. Doo Joon was previously a part of the Mnet documentary Hot Blood competing for a spot in One Day, the 11 member group from JYP Entertainment that eventually became popular acts 2PM and 2AM. He didn’t make the cut and was sent packing, later joining Cube Entertainment. By sending this message, Junho not only showed support for BEAST, but also showed fans that he hasn’t forgotten Doo Joon and hopes his boy makes it big.

Check out Junho’s short, but sweet, message to Doo Joon:

“Congratulations on your debut as B2ST! Doo Joon ah, you can do well, right? I have faith in you.”

Seems like BEAST has been receiving a lot of love lately. Earlier, Big Bang leader G-Dragon sent BEAST’s Hyun Seung a nice message of support encouraging fans to show love for BEAST’s debut and to continue to support his good friend.

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Jo Kwon, “I didn’t get to be in a love relationship, even though there were many opportunities…”


2AM Jo Kwon revealed, “I have not been in a love relationship for once before.”

He had said that when he was appearing on MBC ‘SaeGaGwi’ aired to be aired on 24th October.

He said on the show, “I haven’t got to be in a love relationship before.” And then MC Lee HwiJae asked, “Don’t you have any opportunities to?” and Jo Kwon answered, “Even though there are many opportunities to, I think president (JYP) will be angry and hence I didn’t do so.”
He also revealed on the show that other 2AM members did not worry for him a bit for his appearance on MBC We Got Married playing make-believe husband to Brown Eyed Girls member GaIn.

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T-ara wins another Cyworld Music Award

T-ara and Supernova

T-ara has won a Cyworld Digital Music Award for the second time in a row.

After winning for “Lies,” they won again for their newest song, TTL (Time to Love) with Supernova.

During the last 38th Music Awards, they had won “Rookie of the Month” for “Lies” and now they have won the “ting’s Choice Artist” for “TTL” for the 39th awards. That’s two consecutive awards for the new girl group. The ting’s choice award is given to the artist that receives the most love in the month.

It will be different the second time around though as they get to receive the award on stage with their good friends Supernova.

Not just Cyworld, the song is also doing well on others charts like Nate, M.Net, Melon, Bugs, SoriBada, Dosirak, etc. With “TTL Listen 2,” they are expecting to receive much love from fans again.

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JaeBum express gratitude to fans for the encouragement


Park JaeBum has expressed his gratitude to fans for the encouragement showered on him from his hometown in America Seattle.

The photos of the presents sent to JaeBum by 2PM fans were revealed through the homepage of the church which JaeBum attends in Seattle on 26th September.

The church representative said, “There are many people who were curious about it. Very thankful. This had given (JaeBum) strength and bravery. JaeBum has revealed that he will live in the love and sincerity that everyone has showered on him.”


Meanwhile, JaeBum has returned to his hometown Seattle on 8th September after withdrawing from 2PM. The incident came after the message he wrote on his MySpace 4 years back were revealed and were deemed as offending to many Koreans.

And group 2PM will promote as 6 members.

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‘To JaeBum’ forum set up for fans to connect with JaeBum


It is known that Seattle Glory Presbyterian church in Seattle has come up with a way for fans to connect with JaeBum.

Seattle Glory Presbyterian church is the church that 2PM former leader member JaeBum attends since he was in elementary school. And the fan letters sent to him in Seattle after he left group 2PM and Korea to return to Seattle were also delivered to JaeBum by pastor Kim ByungKyu.

And on 23rd September a banner and a discussion forum were made on the church’s homepage titled ‘to JaeBum LOVE & RESPECT’.


Previously, on 26th September, pastor Kim ByungKyu revealed JaeBum’s message to fans who have been encouraging and supporting him, he also revealed photos of fan letters sent to JaeBum at the church.

Meanwhile, international fans have came up with a project of a sky banner saying ‘J.What Time Is It Now’ which was flown above Seattle on 28th September at 2pm local time.

Netizens say:

  • “I hope that people don’t post hurtful messages and let him get hurt again”
  • “That’s right. Like this, little by little, and he will be back”
  • “Why do you all continue to give him burden? Don’t rush him”
  • “Everyone is waiting for you, don’t rush, come back when you are ready lead ja”
  • “To say the truth, I think people should just let the matter rest for a while”
  • “And open up for more bashing which made him leave Korea? People will go to the forum and bash. This is a societal problem. Those people are inhuman”

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BEG Ga In and 2AM Jo Kwon in We Get Married

MBC ‘We Got Married’ will have 2 new couples added to the show for Chuseok special.

According to the preview episode revealed on 26th September, the new couples will have their first meeting. SG Wannabe Lee SeokHoon and Kim NaYoung will meet again 1 month after their train vacation.

Also there, the other new couple will be Brown Eyed Girls GaIn and 2AM member JoKwon. Originally, GaIn’s make-believe husband was 2PM Nich Khun but Jo Kwon was confirmed on the show instead.

The production team revealed on 28th September, “We have not decided to have the new couples stay permanently on the show or just appear on the ChuSeok special of the show.”
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i can’t wait for this couple,, XD i think it’ll be funny since Jo kwon is there,, haha,,


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