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GENIA FESTIVAL: Press conference for film “Postman to Heaven”

An idol group singer. A joint production between Korea and Japan. Fantasy-romance. The combination of these three elements may make viewers feel unsure about film “Postman to Heaven” at first glance, but it would be too early to make any judgements just yet.

Director Lee Byung-hun, actress Han Hyo-joo and boy band TVXQ member Hero Jaejoong turned up at a press screening on Monday for “Postman”, the second of the telecinema projects where a Korean director, Japanese screenwriter and Hallyu stars have gotten together to produce a total of eight films.

In “Postman”, Hero plays Jae-joon, the postman from heaven, who delivers letters living people have written to their loved ones in heaven. He comes across Hana, played by Han, who writes a letter full of resentment to the dead man that she used to love, reveals his presence to her, and the two start writing responses to the letters for the saddened people who are left in the real world.

Needless to say, the co-stars of the film are top stars in their respective fields of the entertainment industry and screenwriter Eriko Kitagawa, nicknamed ‘the god of love stories’ for her various hit dramas including “Long Vacation” and “Sora Kara Furu Ichioku no Hoshi”, turns the fairy tale into a fairy tale-like romance. Director Lee backs up the fantasy even further with his beautiful imagery, as he displayed in dramas “Sorry, I Love You” and “Snow Queen”;

Below are excerpts from the press conference held after a screening for the film, set for release on November 11, which waited a year for its showing to the world.

Q: We heard that Erika Kitakawa started writing “Postman to Heaven” with Hero in mind. Why do you think that is? And is there anything the writer or director requested for in particular to you Hero?

Director Lee Hyung-min (Lee): Since the telecinemas are a joint project between Korea and Japan, we thought Hero who is widely known as a member of TVXQ, would be good for the part considering the fact the movie would be shown in Japan too. I actually didn’t even know who TVXQ was but I now know the names of all the members. (laugh) And during filming, I realized why the screenwriter wanted Hero to play the part. We were in shoot for over a term of four weeks and during that time, Hero would perform in Asia but come to set right after he got off the plane to practice and shoot his scenes. His acting was good although it was his first time and he would have been done a better job if he had been able to just focus on the movie.
Q: Were you able to feel any differences between Korean scripts and one written by a Japanese writer?
Han Hyo-joo (Han): When I first got the script, there were parts I didn’t quite understand or lines that didn’t make sense to me. There were also parts I wasn’t too sure about so in the beginning, I got the original script in Japanese and looked it over alongside the one in Korean and studied both. I ended up just going with how I felt but it was good because it was a different experience.
Hero Jaejoong (Hero): I got the Korean script first which had been translated from Japanese but I didn’t really understand it because it was my first time acting and I didn’t know how I should analyze it. But director Lee said he wanted to go with the lines that the writer had originally written rather than change them so he helped me to study and practice many of the lines which had difficult nuances.
Lee: These two are good at Japanese but I don’t know the language. So when it became difficult for me to catch the emotions the script was trying to display at certain points, we all studied and worked together on those scenes.

Q: There were some slightly corny lines toward the latter half of the movie. How did it feel and did you make any bloopers doing the scenes?
Hero: In the end of the film, there is a scene where we say things such as ‘Haven’t we met somewhere before?’ and I’ll respond, “In my dreams?” I felt a bit weird saying that. It would’ve felt less awkward if I had been able to do it in Japanese. And in my mind, I made a lot of bloopers. (laugh)
Han: I made a lot of bloopers in my mind too. (laugh) So it didn’t seem as awkward when I was actually acting out the lines but there are some parts are a bit corny now that I look back on them. (laugh)

Q: Director Lee, the imagery you had shown us so far in your previous works, shone again in “Postman”. Is there anything you payed close attention to in particular?
Lee: Japanese people have dealt a lot with the topics such as life and death and love stories between the living and the dead in their movies. But Korean people aren’t used to the genre so I had to change some of the script after consulting with the writer. And I because of those parts which may seem awkward to the Korean audience, I felt that it should be more attractive in terms of imagery compared to any other film and got together the best staff in broadcasting, filming and television commercials. I had the TV commercial team work on the filming and lights, the broadcasting team on the editing and producing and the movie staff on the art while paying a lot of attention to mise-en-scene or images. There are parts where the film may seem Japanese but the younger generation these days seem to take in such props, designs and colors quite naturally. I wanted to bring this out as best as I could.

Q: Was there any pressure in having to act with Hero who is a newcomer?
Han: It’s true that I was very pressured but it gradually lessened and had completely disappeared by the time we were done shooting. I actually had fun while in shoot because Hero’s staff and fans were very considerate towards me. As his acting partner, I would have to say he very quick. His reactions toward my acting was very good and he adjusted pretty quickly so I think he has much potential for the future.

Q: Are you considering to continue to act? And you’re currently in a dispute with your agency SM Entertainment over your contract so we are wondering if you plan to continuing to use the name they gave you — Hero Jaejoong?
Hero: I’m not the one who put the name “Hero Jaejoong” in the poster so I’m not so sure about that part. (laugh) And I can’t tell you as of now, whether I’ll continue acting or not but I think it would be most right to say, like I have been saying since my debut, that I will try my best if given the opportunity.

Q: What is a new sort of joy you felt while acting, different from going up on stage to give performances like you have been doing so for the past several years?

Hero: They joy I feel on stage performing versus acting are very different but it took me a long time to catch what it was. The director had actually told me many times to think of acting the same as going up on stage to put on a performance. And he took singer Rain as an example, saying he had become a better performer on stage after taking on acting.
Q: What advice did you receive from other members of your group, including U-Know Yunho who recently starred in MBC TV series “No Limit”? Or since you had actually filmed your movie before U-Know went into shoot, had you given him any advice?
Hero: They didn’t give me any advice. (laugh) We were all extremely busy back when I was filming “Postman” because we were promoting our fourth album. We also had concerts so everyone was exhausted but U-Know and Max Changmin showed a lot of interest in the atmosphere on set and told me to work hard. And U-Know is such a hard-worker that I wasn’t in a position to give him advice on acting. He never even tells us when he’s having a hard time or he is sick so I just watched how he did, believing he would do well.

Q: Any last words?
Lee: I am really thankful to Han. She had just seemed like a younger sibling who doesn’t know anything when she first debuted in “Spring Waltz”. I know she must have been worried over having to act opposite a newcomer but she didn’t hesitate to take on the role. She cut her hair for the first time ever for his film and I’m glad fans of TV series “Shining Inheritance” liked her for her hair too. (laugh) I also congratulate her for being cast as the heroine for producer Lee Byung-hoon’s “Dong Yi”. Regarding Hero, I know the reporters will be tough on him but I’m also tough when it comes to acting. I want to say that he worked really hard and did very well despite it being his first try at acting.
Han: I thank director Lee and Hero very much. I was extremely happy having been able to play the role of Hana the whole time we were filming and it was a very special film for me in the sense that I’ve never become so close with a character that I’ve played before. The movie will be fun the first time you watch it but even better the second time. (laugh)

10: Would you like to say a word to your fans who are worried over the legal dispute?
Hero: It was actually hard for me even having to show up publicly during such times. But I thought that I really should attend this screening event. I had a very hard time while we were in shoot for this a year ago but I was also very happy during that time and became very close to the director, actors and staff. I myself had been looking forward to its release for the past year so I am in hard times but I thought that I should turn up to congratulate the film. I know a lot of fans must be worried but I hope this movie can be reassurance to their hearts at least a bit.

Reporter : Choi Ji-Eun
Photographer : Lee Jin-hyuk
Editor : Jessica Kim, Lee Ji-Hye
<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>

Credit: Sharingyoochun


GENIA FESTIVAL: 091104 BIGEAST11&12 Tohoshinki Official Fanclub

Bigeast COMMUNICATION Part 1(Page 34)
Note: This is the Bigeast COMMUNICATION, introducing letters and illustration from the fans. Members’ handwritten comments are written in Japanese.
For each comments, starting from the top are: Japanese Hiragana (and Kanji) charancters, Romaji, and English translations.

Pen Name “Sui”san
(T/N Starting from top right, top middle, top left, middle left, bottom left)

かっこいい~^^えがほんとうにすごいですね~ -チャンミン-
Kakkoii~^^ Ega hontouni sugoidesune~ – Changmin –
So handsome~^^ You’re really good at drawing pictures~ – Changmin –

いけめん~たちじゃん~⌒⌒すっごい~ Hero
Ikemen~tachijan ~⌒⌒Suggoi ~ Hero
Perfect~Handsome men~⌒⌒WOW ~ Hero

ぽくよりハンサムですね~☆ でもちょっとあたまでかい~^^* -ユンホ-
Bokuyori hansamu desune~☆ Demo chotto atama dekai~^^* – Yunho –
More handsome than the actual myself~☆ Maybe my head is a little bit too large? ~^^* – Yunho –

めがみんなおなじじゃん~!!でもえきれいですよ。 -ジュンス-
Mega minna onajijan~!! Demo E Kireidesuyo -Junsu–
All our eyes are the same~!! But the picture is nice. –Junsu-

White PRINCE みんな~きれいだな~ ユチョン
White PRINCE Minna~Kireidana~ Yoochun
White PRINCE Everybody is ~Handsome~ Yoochun

Pen Name “Mikita”san
(T/N Starting from top left, under the top left, top right, middle right, bottom right)

ぼくだけ目がおおきいぞ~! ジェジュン
Bokudake Mega Ookiizo~! Jaejoong
I am the only one with large eyes! Jaejoong

Yuchonばんざい Junsuおこってるの~? ユチョン
Yuchon Banzai Junsu Okotteruno~? Yoochun
Hurray for Yoochun! Are you angry, Junsu? Yoochun

なつかしい~つあーのときだ~ =)かわいいね~♪ -ユンホ-
Natsukashii ~ Tsua^no Tokida ~ =) Kawaiine ~♪ -Yunho-
Looking back with nostalgia~It was during our concert tour~ =)So cute~♪ -Yunho-

ぼくがこうゆうかおですか?TT TT ・・・-ジュンス-
Bokuga Kouyuu Kaodesuka ? TT TT ・・・ -Junsu-
Does my face look like this? TT TT ・・・ -Junsu-

みんなそっくり!!!うまい! -チャンミン-
Minna Sokkuri!!! Umai! -Changmin-
Exactly like us!! Wow, you’re good! -Changmin-
Pen Name “White☆Aka-man”san
(T/N Starting from top left, bottom left, top right, bottom next to picture, bottom right)

すごいですね⌒⌒はるのがたいへんだったじゃないですか?⌒⌒すごくうれしい~^^* ありがとう~♪ -ユンホ-
Sugoidesune⌒⌒Harunoga Taihendattanja naidesuka? ⌒⌒Sugoku Ureshii~^^* Arigatou~♪  – Yunho –
WOW⌒⌒Wasn’t it hard work to paste all the stuff? ⌒⌒I’m so happy~^^* Thank you~♪ -Yunho-

オレ・・ひとりでどこみているんだ・・ ジェジュン
Ore .. Hitoride Doko Miteirunda .. Jaejoong
Me・・What am I looking at? Jaejoong

す ばらしいっすね~>_< -チャンミン- Subarashiissune~>_<  -Changmin- Oh, this is wonderful~>_<  -Changmin- JUNSUおれをみるなー ユチョン JUNSU Orewo Miruna Yoochun JUNSU, Don’t look at me! Yoochun すごい~!!おまえのさくひんをみとめてもよさそうだ。 -ジュンス- Sugoi~!! Omaeno Sakuhinwo Mitometemo Yosasouda. -Junsu- OMG~!!I think I’ve got to approve your works. –Junsu-

Bigeast COMMUNICATION Part 2 (Page 35)
Note: This is again the Bigeast COMMUNICATION, introducing letters and illustration from the fans. Members’ handwritten comments are written in Japanese.
For each comments, starting from the top are: Japanese Hiragana (and Katakana) charancters, Romaji, and English translations.
Pen Name “Junko”san
(T/N Starting from top right, top middle, top left, middle left, bottom left)

お~きれいです~♡ソーセージですか??おいし♡そう~ -ユンホ-
O~kireidesu~♡ So^se^ji desuka?? Oishi♡sou ~ -Yunho-
Oh~Beautiful~♡Is this made of sausages?? Looks deli♡cious -Yunho-

ジェジュンだけかみのいろがちがう!! -ボク-
Jaejoong dake kamino iroga chigau !! – Boku –
Jaejoong’s hair color is different!! –Me-

うまそうですね~♡みそしるちょうだい~!!^^ (Yoochun’s signature)
Umasoudesune~♡Misoshiru choudai~!!^^
Looks delicious~Give me Miso-soup, please ~!!^^

おれがいちばんおいしそう~ヒヒ かわいいね~。♡ -ジュンス-
Orega ichiban’ oishisou ~ hihi kawaiine ~♡ -Junsu–
My face looks the most delicious~hehehe so cute~ ♡ -Junsu–

おいしそう~^^ たべたい…^^  -チャンミン-
Oishisou~^^ Tabetai …^^ -Changmin-
Delicious looking~^^ I want to eat them…^^ -Changmin-
Pen Name “Anonymous” san
(T/N Starting from top left, top middle, top right, middle right, bottom right)

あ~~うみいきてぇ~~ -ジェジュン-
A~~Umi ikitee~~ -Jaejoong-
Ah~~I wanna go to the sea~~ -Jaejoong-

ぼくはなつがすき~!!はやくなつがきてほしいな –ジュンス-
Bokuha natsuga suki~!! Hayaku natsuga kitehoshiina –Junsu-
I like summer very much~!! I want summer to come soon! -Junsu-

いいですね~^^なつだね~うみにいきたい –チャンミン-
Iidesune~^^ Natsudane~ Umini ikitai  –Changmin-
Lovely~^^ It’s summertime~I want to go to the sea! -Changmin-

うみにいきたくなった!!Summer Dream?? -ユチョン-
Umini ikitakunatta!! Summer Dream?? – Yoochun –
I truly want to go to the sea!! Summer Dream?? –Yoochun-

お~かわいいね ほくよりのうしろについているたこがもっとかわいいね ありがとう~ -ユンホ-
O~kawaiine Bokuno ushironi tsuiteiru takoga motto kawaiine Arigatou~  -Yunho-
Oh~cute And the octopus on my shoulder is more cute. Thank you~  -Yunho-

Pen Name “Peace”san
(T/N Starting from top left, middle left, bottom left, bottom middle, bottom right)

す~ごい^.^ PVとったときのおもいでがおもいだしますね。-ジュンス-
Su~goi^.^ PV totta tokino omoidega omoidashimasune -Junsu-
Wow~~^.^ I recall the time when we shoot the PV. –Junsu-

う~わああ すっげ~!!!おおお!! -Hero-
U~waaa Sugge~!!! Ooo!! -Hero-
OMG~ Unbelievable!!! Oh!! –Hero-

お~えがちょううまい~☆・・・とくにめがきれいですね~☆ありがとう~♡ -ユンホ-
O~Ega chou umai~☆ Tokuni mega kireidesune~☆ Arigatou~♡ -Yunho –
Oh~You’re good at drawing pictures~☆ Especially, beautiful eyes~☆ Thank you~♡ -Yunho-

お~~~~~^^ まんがみたい!^^ -チャンミン-
O~~~~~^^ Mangamitai! ^^ -Changmin-
Oh~~~~^^ Real Comics! ^^ -Changmin-

すごいね~!PVそのままだね! ユチョン
Sugoine~! PV sonomamadane! Yoochun
Wonderful~! Exactly the same as the PV! Yoochun

Pen Name “Park☆Risa”san
(T/N Starting from top right, middle right, bottom right, bottom middle, bottom left)

とくにジュンスはそっくりだね~^^ -チャンミン-
Tokuni Junsuha sokkuridane~^^ -Changmin-
Junsu is especially a close resemblance of himself. –Changmin-

かおがぜんぶおなじだね~ でもほんとうにいいえです~! -we are bigeast- -ユンホ-
Kaoga zenbu onajidane~Demo hontouni iiedesu~! -we are bigeast- -Yunho-
All the faces are the same~But it is really a good picture~!-we are bigeast- -Yunho-

とくにぼくのことがスキみたいですね~!“♡” ユチョン
Tokuni bokunokotoga suki mitaidesune~!“♡”  Yoochun
She especially seems to like me ~!“♡”  Yoochun

サッカーやりたいなあ~!! ジュンス
Sakka^ yaritainaa~!! Junsu
I want to play soccer~!! Junsu

ジュンスのかおだけにているじゃん~~~! ジェジュン
Junsuno kaodake niteirujan~~~! Jaejoong
Junsu’s face is just like his own~~~! Jaejoong

credit: DBSKNights

GENIA FESTIVAL: SHINee vs 2PM “’Meat Eaters’ And ‘Vegetarians’ Finally Compete”

Meat eaters and vegetarians finally compete.

Rival 2PM and SHINee will be performing on KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’ stage together. They were competing together with different styles since debut, now they are back to competing against each other once again.

2PM with their new title song ‘HeartBeat’ and SHINee with ‘Ring Ding Dong’ which was hit first place for twice in a row.
‘HeartBeat’ written by JYP Producer Park Jin Young, is placed first on some music charts and is getting lots of attention.

‘Ring Ding Dong’ which has been swiping all the first places on various charts for popularity, is again going after the 1st place…

But unfortunate point is that Onew, leader will be not performing as he has the Swine Flu. Last times, Super Juniors took his place but this time, on 13th, ‘Music Bank’, Only 4 of SHINee members will be performing on stage without any help.

A relative reports that “Onew is on recovering stage but is not recovered enough to perform on stage yet.”

Source: newsen
Translations: jojo@weareshining

CREDIT: kpopjjang


Rainbow are a bunch of Gossip Girls on Inkigayo


As many of you have noticed, allkpop changes its layout to celebrate the hottest things to enter the kpop scene since… well, you get the idea. DSP‘s hot rookie girl group Rainbow made their music show debut yesterday and now they’re back to add some color to Inkigayo!

Yesterday, the girls provided a sharp contrast to their color-drenched stage with their black outfits, keeping things nice and classy for their debut. Since the latter half of ’09 has been overtaken by the boys, Rainbow is the answer to any fanboy’s dreams for more of that sexy estrogen they’ve been yearning for. Whether you love them or love to hate them, you can’t help but keep your eyes on the screen as these ladies strut their stuff on the stage.

credit: allkpop


GENIA FESTIVAL: 091113 “TVXQ….” Andy’s Meaningful Advice

Andy, member of an idol group, Shinhwa with the longest career, who is in the middle of his solo activities, revealed his “personal opinion” about TVXQ’s situation which is a hot issue in the K-pop world.

Andy who debuted in 1999 under the same company as TVXQ, SM Entertainment, as Shinhwa, has gained lots of popularity. But as soon as the exclusive contract was over, he and the rest of the members had to move to another entertainment company and continuously did activities with passion.

Recently,in the interview with Sports Dong-A , Andy cautiously stated “ I sincerely would like TVXQ and their fans who’ve been with them since the beginning to get back together and continue their activities.” and “They should know that if they find another way, they have to start all over again.”

The days after leaving Shinhwa’s debut company, Andy says, “It was a great difficulty” and stressed “They should know that when they leave their debut company, it takes more effort and it is two – three times harder than when they first debuted.”

While Shinhwa’s group activity is on hold due to its members on army service, Andy has continued with his solo activities and scouted new singers and has turned into a CD producer. In his own company, he has assembled a casting team, and together w/(casting team) has been searching for new entertainers/trainees.

Because of this, Andy is looking at the music industry as a producer. With his experience, he added, “Idol groups that gained popularity quickly thinks that their efforts are what’s important, but thinking that it is dangerous.”, “You must acknowledge the fact that the company has capabilities, and talent.”

Translation: ndy @




GENIA FESTIVAL: “TVXQ will release their new song, “BREAK OUT!” in the new year 2010.”

In Korea, the media reports their views that it will be difficult for the five members of TVXQ to perform together.
They also reported that their future activities in Korea during the early part of 2010 are unclear.
Meanwhile, TVXQ’s concert in China, which was supposed to take place on the 21st of November 2009, has been cancelled.

However, in Japan, it has been decided and reported that

“TVXQ will release their new song, “BREAK OUT!” in the new year 2010.”

And also,

“TVXQ’s fan meeting performances have been confirmed.” (In January 2010.)

Avex has reported that

“There is no change in plan with TVXQ’s activities in Japan.”

-Nikkan Sports News and Asahi News
-November 14th, 2009

T/N: Meaning that all the activities planned in Japan WILL happen.
No change at all in Japan!
All five of them will release the new song “BREAK OUT!” together,
and they will perform at the fan club event together next year.
And they will soon fly to Japan together to do their end-of-the-year activities.

Always Keep The Faith!

Source: Nikkan Sports News + Asahi News
Translation: Junsulv @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! @2uAngels


GENIA FESTIVAL: K-pop Group HAM to Debut in Japan

K-pop girl band HAM is set to debut in Japan next month, according to the agency on Friday.

The four-member group will appear on a month-long TV shows titled “Idol Sniper” in Osaka with CS Victory channel, LeeYeon Entertainment said in a press release.

LeeYeon explained HAM will go into shoot in December and the show is set to air in Japan in January.

They are also set to hold a joint concert, both in Korean and Japan, alongside Japan’s idol duo Marry Doll and perform at numerous concerts in Osaka, including the “Super Live 2010″ on March 28.

HAM, which stands for “Heart And Mind” — debuted in September with the single “T.T Dance”. The group’s agency also announced that they will release a follow-up single in early December.

Reporter: Lee Hye-rin
Editor: Lynn Kim
credit:: KPOPJJANG


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