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SNSD has released Oh! MV

aww i love this MV! XDD all of them looks so cute!! I’m not a fan (not an anti too LoL) but i’m very surprised that they can give a great video to us!! Check out the MV!

credit: sment

but i really wondering what happened next! cause in the end there’re 9 of them who wear black suit,, it kinda make us curious right??


Sony Slams YG Entertainment for Plagiarism Issues!

G-Dragon's Heartbreaker!

Looks like the Heartbreaker is about to get his heart broken… Sony has responded to accusations of G-Dragon‘s alleged plagiarism and it isn’t pretty!

As many of you recall, back in August, Sony noted similarities between G-Dragon’s “Heartbreaker” & “Right Round” (Flo Rida) as well as “Butterfly” & “She’s Electric” (Oasis). On the 21st, Sony reported their observations to the original producers of each song then waited for their response.

Furthermore, it isn’t just G-Dragon who’s under the heat – according to Freechal, “I Don’t Care” by 2NE1 (supposedly akin to Lionel Richie‘s “Just Go”) & Big Bang‘s “With U” are also under the same situation.

ATV Music Publishing, the South Korean branch of Sony, just announced the verdict on these alleged similarities. Today on Sisa Magazine 2580 (시사매거진 2580), a news programme on MBC, it was reported that officials from Sony sent YG Entertainment warning letters regarding the plagiarism. Sony’s legal representative stated, “It was a hard decision for the music critics. However, they decided that there were similarities and accordingly issued a warning letter to the production company and composers. They have also denied YG Entertainment the permission to promote these songs.”

So I guess it’s official – all three entertainment companies of the Holy Trinity (aka SM, JYP & YG) are having some type of who-can-stir-the-biggest-controversy contest going on. In the span of a mere two months, we’ve seen mini implosions with TVXQ, Kangin, Jaebeom and now, officially, G-Dragon? Holy bejesus…

Regardless of whether you agree with this decision or not, I think Sony announced their “warning” (assuming they don’t take more drastic measures) a bit late in the game – even if G-Dragon gets knocked off, he’s already established a month-long reign over the music shows and generated explosive sales, including over 100,000 copies of his album in less than a week. Furthermore, fans already have their eyes on the “Breathe” MV which is coming out any hour now. Since “Breathe” got away scot-free, G-Dragon can still make the perfect getaway to a new song and new set of promotions… for now.

YG Entertainment has yet to respond regarding this issue. Stay tuned to allkpop as we remain the first to bring you breaking developments!

source: newsen @ allkpop


SUper Junior Sorry Sorry Remix Version, must watch!!!

OMG!!! i like this version so much!!

esp in the reff part!!

hope this version of Sorry Sorry will be officially released soon!!

Credit: PeacefulxChaos


Super Junior Sorry Sorry Japanese Version


Want to hear 13 oppas from Super Junior sing this version of song?? let’s check it out!!

credit: dyazb5

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Korean Hit Songs in USA

SNSD’s deer Yoona was voted the star with the most seductive eyes. SNSD’s Tiffany was also voted in the top 10, she placed 4th. Other stars such as Tae Yang (Big Bang) and Xiah Jun Su (TVXQ) landed in the top 3 too.

1. Yoon Ah ( So nyeo shi dae )
2. Tae Yang ( Big Bang )
3. Xiah Kim Joon-Soo ( Dong bang shin ki )
4. Tiffany ( So nyeo shi dae )
5. Daesung ( Big Bang )
6. Nich Khun ( 2PM )
7. Sun Ye ( Wonder Girls )
8. Kang In ( Super junior )
9. TaeMiN ( Shinee )
10. Jo Kwon ( 2AM )

Source: BBTH / chicgalz @ TAEMIN-THAILAND
Credit: + SSF


This is the ‘topchart’ of Korean songs in USA. It’s ranked by number of times people listen.

1. Super Junior – Sorry, Sorry [109,387 times]
2. TVXQ – Wrong Number [100,258 times]
3. Rain – Rainism [85,458 times]
4. Wonder Girls – Nobody [67,419 times]
5. Girl’s Generation – Gee [53,748 times]
6. TVXQ – Mirotic [51,914 times]
7. BoA – Eat You Up [28,715 times]
8. Bigbang – Number 1 [16,499 times]
9. 2NE1 – FIRE [9,834 times]
10.Bigbang – Haru Haru [8,552 times]
11.Super Junior – Why I Like You [5,304 times]
12.SHINee – Noona Is So Pretty [ 4,078 times]

credits: 2NE1 thread@soompi + angelstars20@sj soompi
shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress + DBSKnights


Gee accoustic version by IU



this is the greatest version of Gee that i’ve ever heard!!

Check it out!!!



Super Junior repackaged album coming soon on 6th May

It’s You is SuJu’s next single, and promotions should start on May 8th at KBS Music Bank. The song was composed by E-Tribe, who has conjured hits such as “Gee”, “D.I.S.C.O.”, and “U Go Girl”. E-Tribe’s presence almost guarantees the success of this single, and considering the record-shattering success of Gee, “It’s You” might even prove more successful than “Sorry Sorry”. Considering that Shinee is making their comeback on May 19th, May just might become the month of SM – unless Jaebeom’s abs have their sexy say.

I Love U More was purely self-created, as Ryeowook and Sungmin combined to write the lyrics and Ryeowook composed the music. I’m proud of the pair, as I love it whenever pop groups take charge of their own songs.

credit: allkpop


Big Bang and 2 NE1 collaborated make Lollipop MV

Hot news from Big Bang! they collaborated with their junior, 2ne1, the girl group from YG Entertainment and also well known as 21. This MV is released on April 2.


They made Lollipop MV and here it is the video..

How was it?? cool?? ^^

Actually, this MV is for Lollipop CF. Lollipop is the brand of cellular phone (make me remember of DBSK Heptic CF with SNSD).

click here to see the CF

Lollipop remind me of boyband group from Taiwan.. ^^


wangzi wangzi!! saranghae! hehe,,


Super Junior Sorry Sorry Rock Version!!!!

Waaw… i’ve never imagine that Super Junior Sorry Sorry can be re-made to Rock version and sounds great… This remake did by Royal Pirates.. Royal Pirates is an independent rock band out of Southern California and its members are Moonchul (vocals/guitar) and Sooyoon (drums).  But still, i love Super Junior version better.. hhehe.. ^^ (as a huge fan of Super Junior, of course they’re the only one). But i envy the guitarist. He did a great job.. and have a nice voice too.. ;D

To fulfill your curiousity about the vid.. here it is..


Super Junior is plagiarist?? of course NOT!!

well, this bad news is come from Super Junior.. People says that they do plagiary of Britney Spears song “Womanizers”. I’ve compared both of the song, i know the rythm of Womanizers reff is A BIT same like Sorry Sorry. But we can’t say that Super Junior is a plagiarist!! No!!

I really getting mad after read that news… How can netizens say shit like this??

read the whole news here


Wanna Watch Super Junior Sorry Sorry MV??

Full Version of Super Junior Sorry Sorry MV with Romaji and english translated..

Chipmunk Version of Sorry Sorry Clik here


Super Junior mp3 is available

Super Junior 3rd album song is now available… WordPress prohibit me to upload some vids..LoL so i just give you the link to go closer to super junior song’s….



TVXQ and BOA performance on Music Station…

The long awaited appearance of TVXQ and BoA on Japan’s Music Station finally happened. I don’t understand what they’re saying but everyone looked great… BoA looks a bit tired but that’s understandable with all the back-n-forth travel between America, Korea, and Japan. It’s crazy that BoA is pushing two albums both in Japan and America simultaneously, but she’s a strong girl.

credit : allkpop


What’s on Super Junior 3rd album?? (Track List available)

Super Junior new song in their 3rd album!!! Will be released on 11 March!
2] 니가 좋은 이유 (Why I like you)
3] 마주치지 말자 (Let’s not…)
4] 앤젤라 (Angela)
8] 이별… 넌 쉽니(Heartquake)
9] CLUB No.1
11] 죽어있는 것 (Dead at heart)

credit: icecoffeeprinces


Super Junior 3rd album teaser is available on official site!

Super Junior teaser is finally come… waaw… i’ve went to their official site and found it.. go here to see the teaser..
It’s only contain their photos, same like the one you see on my posting before this (have you go to my suggestion link?You will see teaser photos there)..


Super Junior 3rd album title is “Sorry Sorry”+cover

Ahh!!! finally i can found it!!!

Wanna see the complete picture of their new cover album? go to this blog!!!


for more information.. oppas look so hot!!! ^^


“Marry U” on Japanese version

After successed with their Korean version, Super Junior try to satisfy their fans by making the other version of this song. They made another one with Japanese. This da link vid..


and this is da lyrics:
Love, Oh baby my girl
Uma kowa ienai kerodo dotte kitai
shi kena moi setsunaru kunichi kai

Demo kanga yokute
doku de barete tai sou kana
suwasugu ikimi ni dotte kitai
nan kai mou ienai kotosa
daijena kotoba

Kite hoshi kotogarunda
Sou sa majime na hanashisa

Would you marry me?
Odoroita kimi ga
Tottemo kireisa

Guuzen no deai ga ima
Ume tuyuberu kigamini coopera

Would you marry me?
Itooshi hito dake yo sete

Issho hanasanai, I do
Donna toki mo, I do

Sekai ni yowari kakitemo, I do
Eien no ai my love

Ai ka sukoshi dare nakute
saboshi kotegoshou uma kute
kokoro ga huremeru doko ni wa
kiutsu dakishimite aimini coopereru
Boshi no hikari
Bachi no wakari
asaka kurumade stay with me (*kiss me)

Sotto me wo tojite hoshii
Uso me wo waketenaide

Would you marry me?
Chiisana hakou de wa tasuyo

Zutto mamoritai, I do
kimi no koto wo, I do

Sekai ji nu takara mo no, I do
Eien no ai my love

Futari shiite
Hoshi okasanete
Na itari wa na natari shinagara

Sukoshi buki yowo na
Kurobo utsu dakere do
Would you marry me?

Issho hanasanai, I do
Donna toki mo, I do

Sekai ni yowari kakitemo, I do
Eien no ai I do,

My love
Sakai utsu na kimi wo
boku wa issho
mamori mitsukete miseru ki
boku da chidarinai kimi wa
kyuutsu dakishimete aimini coopereru

Asahiro hiro wa zutto
moni dotto
hanashiwa shienai yo
kanakumini coopere

Zutto mamoritai, I do
kimi no koto wo, I do
Sekai ji nu takara mo no, I do
Eien no ai my love

Kekkon shiyou, I do

Author’s notes:
The lyrics may not that be accurate since I did this by ear.
Subbing the rap parts were nose-bleed inducing. LOL
*Yesung says “mai” instead of ai for some strange reason
I am not sure if Donghae really said “kiss me”. He could have also said “yes me”.
If you have any corrections, please feel free to tell me~
May take out with full credits to: evile1690@SJUPH


Kim HeeChul the kissing machine??

yesterday, my friend on youtube sent me a video.. it’s about heechul.. then i try to watch it, but OMFL!!! i see an extreme fanservice here!!! He kiss Sungmin on a stage!!

Heechul the dorkiness (after eunhyuk and teuk ^^ i think) from suju has kissed the cutey and lovely member, sungminnie.. that time, on nanjing super show , heechul singing CRAZY when sungmin playing guitar, shiwonnie as drummer, and jung mo on bass (i’m not so sure what did he play? a guitar or bass?) .. after i watched his ssukso, i think there’s anything happen.. until he’s going to sungmin and kiss him like a kind of girl.. OMG!! that time i screamed loudly!!okay… after the video has end, i repeated again 10 times.. hahaha.. since i can’t believe it.. o.0

then i try to search another one, and i found a vid when heechul kiss jungmo!!! awww!! first time i think it was da same performance like the one when he kissed sungmin… but in the middle of show, he’s going closer to sungmin but not kiss him! heechul turns  back, walk to jung mo and finally kissed him!!! OMO OMO… i get fainted again *faint*

better if you watch with your eyes..

here it is da vid:

Heechul kiss sungmin

credit: alsabalsa

Heechul kiss jungmo

credit: meyriel14

vid when heechul kiss kyuhyun

credit: hanamp

another vid you can see on

some people says that heechul is going to be gay.. but i still can’t believe it. i think it’s only a culture on korea.. or there’s a “scenario” from lee soo man behind the stage.. LoL we all know who lee sooman is.. but i’m agree with some fans that says..”he’s not a gay, heechul says it himself on his cyworld(that he likes girl)”or this comment “even he’s gay,i still love him”.. me too.. i still love you!! keep fighting heechul oppa!!


kmaren wa dikirimin video sama temen wa yang ada di youtube… kebetulan videonya tentang Heechul.. “udah lama ngga pernah ngliat Heechul..tonton ah videonya..” bgitu pikir gw.  Ternyata eh ternyata judi itu haram(melankorek dikiit),pas gw tonton videonya… beuh!! emang bukan si heechul lagi telanjang atow dy kpleset di stage… tapi aksinya itu lhooo!!buat wa fansnya, ini hal termantab yang prnah wa liat!!

Heechul… seorang pria lebay yang senang becanda, yang mukanya cakep abiz (bisa dibilang cantik siih),, ternyata bisa juga ngelakuin fanservis diatas panggung (fans siih nganggepnya fanservice.. biar ngga sakit ati x y?)…fanservis ny tuh berupa “kiss” ato basa kampungnya “nyosor” kerenan dikit “ciuman”… tauu siapa yang dicium?? sayang sekali sodara2 stanah air dan sperjuangan, bukan si cantik BoA atau gwee(ngaku2..LoL) … tapi SUNGMIN!!! salah satu personil dari grup suju dimana heechul juga termasuk didalamnya.. kejadian tersebut berlangsung di nanjing super show, waktu itu heechul ngebawain lagu CRAZY ditemani sama shiwon (personil suju, drummer), sungmin (personil suju,gitaris), dan jungmo (personil TRAX, ga yakin siih apa yg dy mainin.. antara gitar sm bass).. pertama2 siih wa pikir”apaan siih nih vid.. cuma nyanyi2 doang.. eh pas gw tonton di menit ke 2:26.. baru dah wa cengoo maksiat didepan laptop gwee..

my eternal love sungminnie… kenapa dikau harus dicium sama heechul?? KENAPA BUKAN AKU YANG DICIUMM?? TIDAAAAK!!!! “hancur hatiku…hikz! *tangis darah menetes* ”

sebetulnya pas ngeliat niih film wa ngga nangis ataw kecewa ngliatnya.. tapi justru malu2 mesem2 gtu ngliat mreka ciuman!! triak2 ngga jelas.. OMFG!! baru x ini wa ngliat heechul sama sungmin ciuman.. kita sama2 bangsa timur, tapi kok kebudayaannya rada beda yaah?? dikorea katanya cium antar temen deket tuuh bebas lhoo…

banyak diantaranya yang kecewa sama tindakan heechul.. bahkan beberapa ada yang berani bilang kalo heechul itu gay!! kalo ngliat kbudayaan mreka siih.. wa ngga bisa bilang kalo dy gay, secara dii blognya dy blg “aku suka perempuan”… tapi ini fanservis terdahsyat yang bikin wa shok stengah mateng..

setelah itu wa cari2 lagi vid yang serupa.. ternyata bu, dengan lagu yang sama, masih ditemani dengan orang yang sama pula, dia nyium orang tsb distage juga!! pertama2 heechul ngedeketin sungmin, wa pikir sungmin maw dicium lagi, eh ternyata dy balik badan n nyium jungmo!! OMFL!!! kalo cuma nempel bibir aj ngga pa2.. tapi… *ngga bisa dijelaskan dengan kata2 karena saya blum cukup umur utk menjelaskannya.. haha :d *

kalo gwa rasa, ini rekayasanya lee sooman biar ngedapetin simpati dari fans.. jujur.. kalo mnurut wa swaras2ny heechul, dya bkalan malu nyium 2 orang di performance yang berbeda, dengan lagu yang sama…

kang heechul.. stelah sbelumnya wa ngliat dirimu myium kyuhyun, skarang ditambah lw nyium sungmin ma jungmo.. KETERLALUAN KAU NAK!!! KUKUTUK KAU MAKIN CAKEP!!!! hooh… rada nyesek juga c.. ngliat mreka free kissing.. tapi yaa udahlah.. wa masih punya donghae sma teukii.. hehe..


Minho on SNSD MV

Mostly everybody well known that SNSD has their new song Gee.. For those anti SNSD (i’ve ever hear about STAND), they will not so care about this MV… but wait! i think it will be a hard choice for SHINee fans (in case you really love SHINee but u absolutely hate  SNSD) to not watch this MV.. Why? cause Minho is in here.. Minho as an employee on fashion shop.. 🙂

credit: ktinsj

i don’t know what genre for this song.. pop? rap? hmm.. da one i know is da bit(rythm or whatever it called) is rather fast… i never hear their song.. but i think this one is better.. 🙂


pasti kebanyakan orang udah tau kaan kalo SNSD punya lagu baru judulnya Gee (Gee singkatan dari Geeplak Geeplok?).. buat anti SNSD, mungkin mereka ngga bkalan terlalu peduli sama albumnya.. tp tunggu dulu! ini pasti bakalan jadi pilihan berat buat fansnya SHINee (kasus dimana low benci banget sama SNSD tapi cinta mati sama SHINee). Kenapa? soalnya Minho ada di video tsb..sayang kan kalo ngga ngliat Minho?

wa ngga tau genre yang tepat buat nih lagu.. pop? rap? yang jelas bukan dangdut.. dangdut cuma ada di indonesia.. haha.. XD yang jelas nih lagunya bitnya rada cepet.. makanya wa suka..


Jaejoongie on Taegoon MV – Call Me

Have you ever watch this MV?? this is MV from Taegoon.. jaejoong is in there!! ^^ there’s a scene where he took his gun and shot Taegoon(i don’t who is da one will he shot, Taegoon or da girl?) … he looks sooo awesome in this clip!! yo check this out!!

Jaejoong is so hawt right?? ^^


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