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Details of conference with Hottests regarding Jaebeom & 2PM

Please think deeply about the statement with the red highlight.

We have previously reported various fan rumors regarding the content of fan conference that JYP Entertainment held to discuss departure of Jaebeom. As more details are released and previous rumors are confirmed or refuted, this is the second edition to our report on this matter.

The conference lasted four hours, and the content was not released to the press by JYPE as they insisted that they cannot reveal what was said during the conference. This lead to many fan-created rumours about the conference. Oneday Room, a Korean fan page of 2AM and 2PM, released a summary of questions and answers.

I’ve personally translated this transcript into English for our readers:

Q: Underground (fanclub) submitted a new question sheet according to your request for a new one but you still have not answered to it.
A (Representative): We could not give any false answers to the questions as we were planning on announcing Jaebeom’s departure in late February, due to Jaebeom’s request. We wanted to talk truthfully in this conference.

Q: Fans seek to communicate with JYPE. In an event like this where you are to communicate the company’s position, why did you bring 2PM members who are not a part of decision making process within the company?
A (Representative): We believe that a conference like this could take place if the members spoke truthfully. If only the company representatives came, the fans wouldn’t believe us.

Q: We fans who are present right now will consider members who are here as representatives of JYPE and not a part of group 2PM, and consider the words that come out of your mouths as the words of the company. JYPE’s official statement says that the 6 members agreed on what was decided regarding Jaebeom on January 6th. Do any of you disagree with any of the said statements?
A (Members): We agree to the statement.

Q: Assuming the statement is true, why did you torture the fans and bring sympathy to yourselves by mentioning Jaebeom’s name even after January 6th?
A (Members): Jaebeom being a good friend is a different matter from him leaving the group. We don’t think it’s a problem for us to say that we miss him. We think even in future that we can say that we miss him if we miss him, and we don’t think that is a problem at all.

Q: We request that following details on termination of contract between Jaebeom and JYPE be answered and also request that you show us supporting documents as proof. When was the contract officially terminated?
A: February 26th.

Q: After the termination, what legal rights does JYPE hold regarding Jaebeom and how long do you hold those rights for?
A: We do not hold any legal rights.

Q: When does Jaebeom get paid indemnity and his share of profit?
A: There is no indemnity. His share of profit up to December was paid in full during January.

Q: Promise that there aren’t any clauses that limit him from returning to the entertainment industry in future.
A: There are no such clauses.

Q: We request JYPE be responsible this situation as they were not looking after their entertainer Jaebeom with utmost care. JYPE released statement filled with unclear words and thus made rumours surrounding Jaebeom and 2PM spread. Please tell us what you plan on doing about the rumours and what you plan on doing about damage done to Jaebeom, his family and the rest of 2PM.
A (Representative): JYPE is not responsible for personal matters of its entertainers and thus we believe that Jaebeom should be responsible for everything that he has caused. In a logical sense, Jaebeom is the wrongdoer and the company and the 6 members are the victims.

Q: Has JYPE done anything to protect Jaebeom from related news articles and TV programs since last September 5th? Requesting news articles and comments to be deleted aren’t hard, so why did you just watch the fire spread?
A (Representative): We have never requested news articles and comments to be deleted before the September incident. But we had tried our best. After the September incident, we have tried to delete comments and such, but the number of news articles regarding the incident was so large that we could not handle it all. Plus, the media is uncontrollable by us. I hope you understand our situation.

Q: According to JYPE’s statement, JYPE made final decision on Jaebeom on January 6th, but delayed announcing this fact for a month and 20 days, continuously using Jaebeom for marketing throughout the period. Even if the company did not directly and intentionally use Jaebeom for marketing, why did you just watch media sources use Jaebeom’s name?
A (Representative): It is true that final decision was made on January 6th. However, we agreed with Jaebeom to announce this matter in late February so we could not request anything to the media. Again, the media cannot be controlled by JYPE.

Q: Isn’t JYPE responsible for announcing the reason of Jaebeom’s termination as, of all things, “serious personal wrongdoing”?
A (Representative): We had reasons for that. We did not want the 6 members to be traitors. The 6 is more important than the one. We also could not lie in a statement written to be viewed by the entire nation. In practical sense, the 6 members are the victims and if we did not reveal the reason truthfully, then it would have created more rumors. That is why we revealed the reason truthfully, as “serious personal wrongdoing.”

Q: We are told that only the members and few within the company know what wrong Jaebeom has done. If it is indeed a serious matter then we as fans do not want it to be released to the public either. However, since only few within the company and the members know of the incident, can we assume that if the details do slip out into the public then it had been released by JYPE?
A: We hope that the details do not get released to the public; however, there are people who are not within the company that are part of the incident. There are possibilities of them releasing the matters so we cannot take any responsibilities.

Q: Does Jaebeom know that there is a conference happening at the moment? Does he know that JYPE’s official statement says that the reason for his termination is due to personal wrongdoings?
A (Nichkhun): We have texted each other up until recently and he knows that the conference is taking place. He even wanted to send a video message.
(Representative): He is aware of the statement as well.

Q: Is 2PM planning on selecting in a new member or electing a new leader?
A (Representative & Members): No.

Q: Is there no possibility of Jaebeom returning? What if he was to return as a member of a different management company?
A (Representative & Members): There is no possibility of him returning as a part of 2PM.
(Chansung): If Jaebeom was to return despite all that has happened, I’m all for him. However, I’m not positive about his return to 2PM.

Q: Couldn’t JYPE and the members ignore the issues? If the members did not agree to termination of Jaebeom, would the situation have come to this?
A (Members): It was something that could not be ignored.
(Representative): It was a matter that they could not disagree on, thus we believed that they would all agree. Even if they didn’t, the result would have been the same.

Q: The result would have been the same even if the MySpace incident did not happen?
A (Members): Yes.

Q: Do members take care of their Cyworld themselves? Are messages that were on the members’ Cyworld after September 8th really written by the members themselves?
A (Wooyoung): Yes. I felt anxious so I said I’m anxious.
(Chansung): Yes. I wrote “confused” about a personal matter. It was not related to this situation.
(Representative): We were asked why we do not manage our entertainers in previous conferences. Our contract does not limit entertainers’ personal lives. It is something that the entertainers themselves should take care of.

Q: How do the members feel about the boycott?
A (Junho): We thought that Jaebeom would return so we did not care. We merely thought of it as a problem that would get solved when he came back. But I would be lying if I said we didn’t feel hurt by it. If fans continue to boycott us after this, I think I’ll feel that they just don’t want to see us anymore. However, we will continue trying our best in singing and performing.

Q: Do you realize that “serious personal wrong doing” part you wrote on the statement can be considered defamation if it was revealed to be not true?
A (Representative): We wrote what is true.

Q: What do you plan on doing about Jaebeom’s part when performing the first and second single from now on? Also, can he receive additional profits earned by those albums in future?
A (Representative): Jaebeom’s part in performances is something we have to discuss among ourselves. Additional profit would be a matter that copyrights association will deal with, not JYPE.

Q: Would 2PM fan club continue using the title “HOTTEST”?
A (Representative): Yes. Are the 6 members not a part of 2PM? No. The 6 members are still 2PM, so we will continue to use the title HOTTEST.

Q: Members made final decision on Jaebeom on January 6th. The members were currently away on vacation and were spotted with smiles on.
A (Wooyoung): It was our first vacation.
(Taecyeon): We are celebrities. We cannot frown in public.
(Chansung): I cannot make sad faces when meeting up with relatives over holidays. What do you want? Do you want us to cause a scene during live performances, asking for Jaebeom to come back?

Q: Do you know of rumors that are spreading on the Internet? Aren’t you going to protect Jaebeom?
A (Wooyoung): We are not abandoning him, we are protecting him. I thought that if the details were released in future, I might regret my decisions.
(Chansung): Please do not question our friendship.

(Junho): After being told about what he had done, I honestly disliked Jaebeom. We tried our best for his return, but right now, I think that staying silent is the best I can do for him.

(Taecyeon): Rumors will go away.

Q: JYPE revealed that contract with Jaebeom was terminated due to personal problems. Why was he not forced to pay any indemnity although he was the one responsible?
A (Representative): Other members of 2PM are promoting various products so indemnity might occur regarding that, but Jaebeom currently is not promoting any products. Thus he does not have to pay any indemnity to advertisers and although he is responsible for the termination, we decided not to charge him for anything.

credit: allkpop


Oh i think i gonna fainted.. that statement really make me dissapointed. And Junho, do you really this hate to Jaebum? you can even announce it to public.

The 6 is more important than the one. But do you think 6 is better than 7?


Behind The Scene of Jaebum’s Withdrawal

This is not what HottestJaebum write, we copy this comment from another site cause we found it very (or extremely) needed to read,, go decide by yourself to believe this comment is true or not,,

these boys are so not who i thought they were, please take the time to read this, i know it’s long, but it’s important information:

We have been able to reach our source. By now we’ve all read the many fan accounts from the conference and it’s obvious that the atmosphere was negative to say the least. The news we’re about to give to you is shocking and regrettable. The Hottests deserve everything from beginning to end, and have always deserved the whole truth.

It’s true that the boys’ manager had a meeting with them in their dorm beforehand to tell them how to behave at the conference. They wanted to calm the fans and also reinforce the “facts” provided in their statement. When the time came around for the actual conference, things changed. We had no intentions of misleading our readers. We ourselves, really did think that it would be scripted.

What the members said during the conference was all their own thoughts. Our source told us that all the emotions were true, but Junho faked the crying. There are still parts from the conference that were scripted. Khun never called/messaged Jay. We all know that many things in the statement were false. The members, of course, said they were true.
That being said, most of the things said by the six were from their own mouths.

They’ve turned against Jay.

We’ve kept quiet about which members support Jay and which ones don’t. We did this because no matter what, we still believed in seven. We didn’t want to see fans fighting or bashing because of the other members and we didn’t want to give the other members trouble. We also believed that they still loved Jay. As long as they still loved Jay, Hottests and 6PM were still the same, and therefore we needed to protect them. That’s why, when everybody started bashing 6PM, we defended them.

After recent events, we’ve come together and decided.
We’re through protecting a group that failed to protect its own leader. We owe the truth to the Hottests. We owe it to Jay. Feel free to spread this.

Just like we’ve said before with everything we post, it’s your choice to believe it or not.
At first when the controversy exploded, Junsu and Junho were angry at Jay because of what he said. Junho yelled at Jay and Junsu ignored Jay when he tried to explain. They didn’t understand fully so they were confused and frustrated, like all the angry Koreans. As far as we know, Junho was still angry at Jay when Jay left for the airport. Taecyeon, Wooyoung, and Chansung cried and Taecyeon and Nichkhun tried their best to bring Jay back. As time passed, all six members wanted desperately to bring Jay back. More months passed. We got the news that members were starting to turn their backs on Jay. The biggest shock to us was Taecyeon, since he was the one who advocated the boycott the most in the beginning. At this point, Taecyeon, Junsu, and Junho were against Jay coming back and were also against the boycott. Taecyeon and Junho wanted more fame and popularity, while Junsu wanted the position of Leader. Nichkhun was in the middle. He supported Jay but also learned from his family that he should be grateful to JYPE for giving him opportunities. Wooyoung and Chansung were on Jay’s side, but Wooyoung soon moved to the middle too. Up until the few days before the conference, there were still three members waiting for Jay. The remaining members who decided that they don’t need Jay decided to tell Chansung and Wooyoung lies about Jay to bring them to JYPE’s side while Nichkhun was in the Philippines filming Danbi. Now they have both turned against Jay.
Nichkhun is the only member who is still waiting for Jay, but even he is not completely against JYPE.
We will not answer questions about this.

It’s true that the boys went to karaoke and got drunk after the conference. They had dinner before as well. Our source told us that they celebrated because they’re relieved to have Jay gone.

We want to reiterate that plans CAN CHANGE.
We said before that a video of Jay might be released. It has been filmed and they planned to show it at the conference, but didn’t. They’re planning on bringing Jay back to Korea. They will make him say to fans that he doesn’t deserve to come back. He will ask the fans to support the six members. This will serve as his final apology and farewell. This was originally planned to happen on February 14th, but it has been changed to the 28th.
PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THIS IS UNCONFIRMED. Our source just wanted us to warn you of what’s possible. It’s urgent that you SPREAD THIS.

Another side note, if the situation gets worse (I really don’t know how it can get much worse than it already is), it’s likely that 2PM will disband.
It’s your choice whether you want to support them or not. Right now… I don’t think anyone does. To us, it’s not worth supporting a group like this.

Our source left a message:
“Today’s 2PM is not the old 2PM anymore.”

Our writers have been by 2PM’s side from the start. We’ve done what we could and we’re grateful for our source, our affiliates, and our readers. We’ve confirmed with our source that even after all this chaos, Jay still wants to come back. We will update soon about what we can do to help Jay.
Writers will also update with their respective rants.
Our next official update might be our goodbye.
Thank you.

credit: insider2pm

This post is taken from allkpop, written by user called tabuzhidao


Jo Kwon, “I didn’t get to be in a love relationship, even though there were many opportunities…”


2AM Jo Kwon revealed, “I have not been in a love relationship for once before.”

He had said that when he was appearing on MBC ‘SaeGaGwi’ aired to be aired on 24th October.

He said on the show, “I haven’t got to be in a love relationship before.” And then MC Lee HwiJae asked, “Don’t you have any opportunities to?” and Jo Kwon answered, “Even though there are many opportunities to, I think president (JYP) will be angry and hence I didn’t do so.”
He also revealed on the show that other 2AM members did not worry for him a bit for his appearance on MBC We Got Married playing make-believe husband to Brown Eyed Girls member GaIn.

credit; Sookyeong


It’s Time For Jay To Look Up At The Sky

Skybanner For Jaebeom From Hottests

Earlier on allkpop, we notified our readers that a skybanner in honor of 2PM’s ex-leader Jaebeom would be flying around Seattle. Now we’re here to update you all that the project turned out great!

Today many Hottests and passerbys in the Seattle area were able to see a skybanner reading “J. What time is it now?” flying around in the air. Although it’s a simple question, it has a deep meaning to it for the many hottests who are longing for Jaebeom to return to 2PM. I’m sure Jaebeom was happy to see that his fans supported him enough to reach such a limit.

Skybanner For Jaebeom From Hottests
Skybanner For Jaebeom From Hottests

credit: allkpop


oh,, it’s so touching,, Hottest really trying their best to make Jay bck to 2PM,, where are you Jay? don’t you see that we always thinking and loveing you??


2PM in 2009 Supermodel Contest


We reported earlier that 2PM is gearing up for a return on stage without Jaebeom at the 2009 Supermodel Contest on 25th September. But it will only be just two members of 2PM taking to the stage.

With the uncertainty surrounding 2PM in the aftermath of Jaebeom’s departure, the event organizers have once again stated on the 23rd that 2PM is still among the list of scheduled performers, with no planned changes. But it will not be a 2PM stage with the present six members. Instead, it will be a performance by just two 2PM members singing a ballad, one of which is confirmed to be Nichkhun while the other is still being discussed.

Since their last performance at the Incheon Korean Wave Music Festival on 5th September, the 2PM boys have not been seen on stage together since, as they were withdrawn from all activities. This performance at the 2009 Supermodel Contest will be 2PM’s first performance on stage since their last 25 days ago.

The 2009 Supermodel Contest will be broadcasted live through SBS and their website but organizers have stated that, with tensions still running high now, the possibility of 2PM’s performance not being shown in the live broadcast is high. 2PM’s performance had been scheduled way before the Jaebeom incident erupted into a fireball.

Besides 2PM, there will also be performances by SNSD, G-Dragon, 2NE1, Baek Ji Young, Park Hyun Bin and Wink.

credit: allkpop


Wooyoung Cyworld Update – Frustating cause of Hottest??

Wooyoung is Frustrated with Hottests?

After a message which has split fans on whether it was Jaebeom writing it, the divide between Hottests continues to widen after 2PM’s Wooyoung revealed that he was pretty frustrated with all that has happened thus far.

Although there was doubt about Jaebeom’s message authenticity yesterday, Wooyoung’s Cyworld message looks to be real. But having come so soon after yesterday, some fans are doubting whether Wooyoung is speaking from his heart or just following JYPE orders.

Wooyoung’s message

It’s so frustrating
Why do fans not understand our feelings

Jaebeom’s feelings
Jin Young hyung’s feelings
and our feelings…

I am so frustrated that I might go crazy

What should Hottests do now?

credit: allkpop


still!! i can’t believe this news! why? cause there are some suspicious thing that happened,, check out what is it!

  • JYP looks angry after go out from company
  • There are many sponsor cars ( perhaps that day JYP held a meeting with them?)
  • Before JPY enterance,Wooyoung firstly enter the company ALONE without the rest members
  • Wooyoung and other members going into the company building to have lunch not in their dorm just before he wrote the message on his cyworld,
  • The fact that wooyoung left a cy entry at an afternoon is suspicious, it was posted on 3:59 pm Korean time. He usually update his CY during midnight,,

so which one you’ll believe??

I’m the one who’ll be the most frustating if JYP and 2PM treat us like this,, as Hottest, I just want to see Jay’s propose about what trully happened inside JYPE,,


Jaebeom Leaves (fake) Message for Hottests?


After all that has happened, there was some temporary joy for Hottests after Jaebeom apparently left a message on 21st September at 6.07pm (KST), on 2PM’s Official Daum Cafe. But that joy soon turned to doubt when some Hottests tracked down the ip address and it was discovered that it originated from a computer in Korea, not Seattle.

The majority of Hottests are speculating that someone from within JYP Entertainment might be trying to pull a fast one on the fans, by impersonating Jaebeom, to allay fans’ worries and stop the ongoing boycott of 2PM. Others felt that, this might be really a message by Jaebeom and JYPE was just posting it on his behalf. At this juncture, it’s really hard to believe anyone, unless Jaebeom speaks personally.


Jaebeom’s (?) message


I had a reason to leave……

JYP hyung and 2PM members are like family to me…..

They stayed by my side in a tough situation like this…..

I’m already having a hard time…..

Don’t make this even harder for me please…..

I’m very sorry to make you guys worry so much….

credit: allkpop


Oh yeah,, i know this is only a fake message,, don’t you think this is a fool CONSPIRACY from JYP? How can Jay who’s in Seattle able to write message in Korea? LoL


Sony Slams YG Entertainment for Plagiarism Issues!

G-Dragon's Heartbreaker!

Looks like the Heartbreaker is about to get his heart broken… Sony has responded to accusations of G-Dragon‘s alleged plagiarism and it isn’t pretty!

As many of you recall, back in August, Sony noted similarities between G-Dragon’s “Heartbreaker” & “Right Round” (Flo Rida) as well as “Butterfly” & “She’s Electric” (Oasis). On the 21st, Sony reported their observations to the original producers of each song then waited for their response.

Furthermore, it isn’t just G-Dragon who’s under the heat – according to Freechal, “I Don’t Care” by 2NE1 (supposedly akin to Lionel Richie‘s “Just Go”) & Big Bang‘s “With U” are also under the same situation.

ATV Music Publishing, the South Korean branch of Sony, just announced the verdict on these alleged similarities. Today on Sisa Magazine 2580 (시사매거진 2580), a news programme on MBC, it was reported that officials from Sony sent YG Entertainment warning letters regarding the plagiarism. Sony’s legal representative stated, “It was a hard decision for the music critics. However, they decided that there were similarities and accordingly issued a warning letter to the production company and composers. They have also denied YG Entertainment the permission to promote these songs.”

So I guess it’s official – all three entertainment companies of the Holy Trinity (aka SM, JYP & YG) are having some type of who-can-stir-the-biggest-controversy contest going on. In the span of a mere two months, we’ve seen mini implosions with TVXQ, Kangin, Jaebeom and now, officially, G-Dragon? Holy bejesus…

Regardless of whether you agree with this decision or not, I think Sony announced their “warning” (assuming they don’t take more drastic measures) a bit late in the game – even if G-Dragon gets knocked off, he’s already established a month-long reign over the music shows and generated explosive sales, including over 100,000 copies of his album in less than a week. Furthermore, fans already have their eyes on the “Breathe” MV which is coming out any hour now. Since “Breathe” got away scot-free, G-Dragon can still make the perfect getaway to a new song and new set of promotions… for now.

YG Entertainment has yet to respond regarding this issue. Stay tuned to allkpop as we remain the first to bring you breaking developments!

source: newsen @ allkpop


CCTV Results of Kangin’s Assault Case Revealed!

Kangin’s CCTV findings about his assault case were released today.

The police have revealed the results after analyzing the CCTV video for the past few days. The police revealed through a press release, “Kangin and the other man involved threw punches and kicked each other on the street in front of the bar. After learning about this, Kangin’s sunbae came and got involved in the fight, also throwing punches and kicking.”

They continued, “All 7 people involved have been sentenced with acts of violence and legal violations but they are not slapped with a restraining order and are thus not going to prison. As for Kangin, we acknowledge the fact that Kangin tried to keep himself away from the fight. He tried many times to ignore the one person that kept following him and using violence against him. We will count Kangin’s acts of violence as self defense.”

The police concluded that the fight involved Kangin, two men who escaped the fight, one person who was with Kangin, and three extra people.

Kangin had denied the charges made against him 5 days ago and now the truth is finally out. The police have decided Kangin did try to stay out of it which makes it self defense but he must go to court for a further and more detailed decision about his punishment because he is charged with an act of violence violation.

credit: allkpop


Inkigayo to Adopt Guest MCs System

Inkigayo to Adopt Guest MCs System

Remember the news we reported earlier in the week about 2PM members, Taecyeon and Wooyoung possibly leaving their MCs position on Inkigayo? A decision has been made today by the producers of Inkigayo and you can say that it’s good and bad in a way for 2PM fans.

The good news is that the Inkigayo team will not find a replacement for Taecyeon and Wooyoung. The bad news is that Taecyeon and Wooyoung will be taking a temporary leave of absence, meaning that the 13th September episode of Inkigayo will be their last appearance for a long while.

In the aftermath of the Jaebeom incident, it was decided that it would be better for Taecyeon and Wooyoung to take time off and relieve the stress and pressure that comes with hosting Inkigayo and having to deal with what has happened off the stage at the same time. But the MC positions on Inkigayo will always be left open for Taecyeon and Wooyoung to return to once everything has been cleared up.

With Taecyeon and Wooyoung away, actress Ha Yeon Joo will remain as the MC and she will be partnered by rotating guest MCs which will be decided on a weekly basis, starting from this week’s Inkigayo on the 20th of September.

credit: allkpop


2PM Boycott Continues In Thailand

2PM Boycott

After 2PM‘s Jaebeom‘s departure from the group, 2PM‘s fans, Hottests, have declared they will be boycotting 2PM until Jaebeom is back and the fans have stayed true to their word.

Through a travel agency in Thailand, an event was to be held for a total of 100 fans to sign up and get a chance to go on a 5 day trip to Bangkok with 2PM‘s Nichkhun. But as the Hottests have proclaimed that “”We all reject a 2PM without Jaebeom“, one by one the Hottests have been canceling their opportunity to meet the star and are backing out on the event.

A representative stated, “We had around 90 participants in the event but now we have about 30 left.” But it seems this event will still be taking place despite the small number of participants.

The 2PM boycott continues on even until now and many participants are continuing to cancel out on Nichkhun‘s Thailand event. Stay tuned on allkpop to find out if this event will be held or if all the participating Hottests will back out.

credit:  allkpop


2PM Boycott Continues

2PM Boycott Continues

2PM Hottests are still in protest over ex-leader Jaebeom, and they showed so by returning their 2PM CDs to JYPE.

Jaebeom’s fanclubs have united and given out a statement regarding their actions, “The fans are feeling mixed emotions between disappointment and anger towards the company’s lack of responsibility of Jaebeom. The fans have supported 2PM as a group of 7 members, but because of JYPE’s lack of responsibility, they have began boycotting against all JYPE relations.”

On the 16th, around 2 in the afternoon, the boycotters sent in a car of 3000 2PM CDs to JYPE in notice of their protest. They are boycotting against JYPE until an official, public announcement is made, announcing that they will disregard Jaebeom’s decision in leaving the group. In other words, they will continue to boycott until JYPE takes action and brings sexy leader Jaebeom back, regardless of what he said he wanted.

2PM Boycott Continues

2PM Boycott Continues

2PM Boycott Continues


Have Strength, Jay,,

The relationship between 2PM members is really make me touched. 2PM member Wooyoung give a support to Jaebum at  2009 InCheon Korean Music Wave Festival on 5th September while nobody knows.

Wooyoung says 힘내야지…힘내야지 (HIM NAE YAH JI,, HIM NAE YAH JI) which means HAVE STRENGTH, GATHER STRENGTH.

This is the video. You can see it clearly.

Have Strength Jaebum!! There are many people who will always support you,,


Nichkhun will not attend Star King recording

2PM Nichkhun

The aftermath of 2PM’s Jaebeom quitting and returning to America has been quite chaotic. With Taecyeon and Wooyong possibly retiring from their MC roles on SBS Inkigayo, now comes even more disappointing news.

It’s been confirmed that 2PM’s Nichkhun will not be attending the filming of the September 14th(today) recording of SBS Star King.

Star King’s PD Bae Sung Woo informed Newsen today:

“Nichkhun will not be attending today’s(14th) recoding of Star King. We know 2PM members are currently canceling their appearances from programs, however, depending on the situation, there is the possibility of change.”

JYP Entertainment is currently pulling out 2PM members due to the emotional and mental stress of Jaebeom leaving the group. However, it is still unclear whether Taecyeon and Wooyoung will be pulled from their MC roles on SBS Inkigayo.

credit : allkpop

Taecyeon and Wooyoung to quit Inkigayo MC roles?

Taecyeon and Wooyoung quit Inkigayo MC roles?

With Jaebeom quitting 2PM and returning to America recently, it has been pure agony for the remaining six 2PM members who must be going through a lot.

It was reported earlier in the day on the 13th, that the production team of Inkigayo were solely behind Taecyeon and Wooyoung and in full support of them to continue hosting the show. But it was then revealed after the 13th September episode of Inkigayo, that there is a possibility for an MC change afterall. Although SBS PD’s do not want an MC change, and will stand by Taecyeon and Wooyoung until the end, they stated that they would need to speak with JYP Entertainment.

There are also rumors that other 2PM members will also be ending their solo activities and go into hiatus. Current 2PM members who are into solo activities include Taecyeon featuring for Baek Ji Young’s My Ear’s Candy performance, Nichkhun on Star King and the unfortunate Junho who had only just got started on Dream Team Season 2.

credit: allkpop


Jaebeom Leaves Korea

Jaebeom Leaves Korea

Former 2PM leader, Jaebeom…or I guess we should now say Jay Park, has left Korea. The fallen star left Korea on September 8th, 2009 on an afternoon flight at Incheon Airport with over 500 fans literally screaming, crying, and begging for him not to go.

Since the scandal broke out, much controversy has stirred up in the Korean and online community with hate and support forums popping up everywhere. Rumors had been spiraling that Jay was leaving 2PM but JYP announced that he would be staying with the group, leaving fans relieved, only to have the moment shortened by a guilt ridden Jay who announced he would be leaving the group to take responsibility as a leader and to no longer put the group through more trouble.

Reports from Korea puts the blame mainly on the online community, saying that they took a small mistake and blew it out of proportion, pushing Jay over the limit and caused him to resign with their hate forums and blogs that mushroomed out of control, although many have expressed their positive opinions about him.

One netizen even said, “I am not a fan of 2PM but I am a fan of music. I admit what Jaebeom said was wrong but it is undeniable that the guy is super talented and thus he should be forgiven.

With Jaebeom leaving Korea and stepping down as leader, new rumors are spiraling that Junho will be taking over as leader of 2PM. How this will affect the group and its schedule is unclear but one thing is for sure; it will never be the same again.

Jaebeom Leaves Korea

Jaebeom reportedly arrives at 12:40PM PST in Seattle.

Many fans both in Korea and worldwide are in hysterics, and rumors have been flying off the roof. Though it’s heartbreaking for many to see this talented leader leave, the dust has yet to settle and we are still waiting on further official reports from JYPE.

Thus, no assumptions on 2PM and Jay should be made yet as no formal plans have been announced. We hope the best for his future endeavors, be it with 2PM or not. Stay tuned for further developments!

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Jaebeom’s Statement, Quit from 2PM

I hope someone only make a fun of this news,, This is my first time wishing that may Jaebeom’s fancafe got hacked,, So the statement here is not true,,
2PM Jaebeom

On the official 2PM fancafe, leader Jaebeom announced that he will be officially quitting 2PM. JYPE has just confirmed this is true.

This decision was made after his recent Myspace controversy was blown out of hand. Jaebeom will be leaving Korea today at 6:30pm KST.

Jaebeom posted:

“Hello, I’m 2PM’s Jaebeom.

I’m sorry for giving you my last greeting through this letter.
I think it will be hard for me to see you all on stage because of my sorry heart.

I’m really sorry to everyone, and I’m even more sorry to the fans who have shown me love.
From today, I will leave 2PM.

2PM boys, I’m really sorry to the boys and I’m sorry I couldn’t be strong as a leader and a hyung and have to leave like this.
However, I hope you will be more cool and charming.

Again, I’m sorry.



Source: 2ONEDAY

credit: allkpop


i can’t believe it!!!! and i don’t want to believe this!! i love jae much better,, he’s funny and a great leader for his dongaseng,, how can he leave 2PM and his fans like this?? huhuhu,,, because of his past, he must suffer!!! it’s not fair!! don’t leave 2Pm, Jay!!


The future of 2PM’s Wild Bunny?


2PM’s Mnet show, Wild Bunny was supposed to air its last episode on September 8th. The PDs of Wild Bunny explained that the show was set to end before the whole Jaebeom myspace incident. But now the air date of the episode has been postponed and an exact date has yet to be determined. The staff at Mnet decided because of Jaebeom’s controversy, it wouldn’t be wise for viewers to see Jaebeom acting silly.

Kim Ki Ung of Mnet said, “I feel bad because he’s someone who works so hard and is so polite on set. He always proves himself as a leader and I’m sad to see that his mistake has made a problem.”

With the sudden changes in their schedule, you have to wonder if this also applies to 2PM’s scheduled album release in October.

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i hope they still continue airing the episode of wild bunny!!! hueeee,,, X[  I really love that video! they look funny together,,


F.T Island’s Jonghun shows his support to Jaebeom?

sorry for this super duper late posting!! ^^

FT Island Jonghun

Even though F.T Island’s Jonghun almost broke my heart with the pictures from his upcoming Mnet Scandal, he mended it up with his updated Cyworld.

As most of you probably know, Jaebeom of 2PM has been receiving a lot of heat due to past comments on his Myspace. His fellow members have posted words of encouragement and assurance to fans on their cyworld but only to receive criticism from netizens. Despite this, Jonghun still posted a message on his cyworld:

“Isn’t the world too scary? The past is the past…I understand the feeling of that person who is in trouble now…Fighting!”

It does not directly state that Jaebeom’s the subject of his message but it is quite obviously geared towards him. It’s nice to see other idol groups show support to their fellow celebrities in times of need.

If you’re interested on how to show your own support for Jaebeom, visit our friends at 2OD for projects under their announcement box!

Credit to Tik and offogato at for translations @allkpop.


Yesungie is the North Korean Dictator’s son…

okey hella,, i think i’m surprised like you too when see this title news in allkpop. How can it be? The silliest *sorry sorry yesungie fan,, ^^* member in Super Junior is the son of dictator?? Read the whole news here..

“Blick, a Swiss Tabloid Magazine recently ran an article talking about North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Il and his son Kim Jong Woon… so what’s the big deal? Well, the big deal is that the tabloid put a photo of Super Junior’s Yesung on the article! The pictures of Yesung show up on the bottom of the front cover and on the main headline of the article.

How could they make such an error? Most likely because Yesung’s real name is also Kim Jong Woon, and doing a simple google image search, the same picture shows up on the second page when searching for Kim Jong Woon. Even so, they should put much more effort into research and get the information / picture correct. Some ELF in Korea are upset with this, saying that people are going to think Yesung is related to Kim Jong Il and now they’re demanding an apology. It’s pretty bad but if you think about it, not many people know about Blick anyways.”

okay,, this magazine do such a silly thing. Oh come on, how can they get a wrong picture just because they only searching in google? isn’t it funny?? Can you imagine,, There are at least 1000 people who has Kim in their surn name, and several people who has the similiar/resemble name in Korea (in case super junior eunhyuk who has a real name “lee hyuk jae”, this name is similiar like a comedian from Korea, “Lee Hyuk Jae”. or SHINee Almighty Key real name “Kim Kibum” which is the same name of Kim Kibum from Super Junior..).
In this case, Yesung can prosecute that magazine because they belgrime of his name.. Hopefully it’s not happen..

credit : allkpop


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